Parliament Must Declare Pakistan A Terror State Right Now

Let me begin at the very beginning itself by expressing my profound sorrow and utmost sympathies with the families of all those 7 Amarnath pilgrims who were killed in most ghastly manner by terrorists of Pakistan of Lashkar-e-Taiba and Hizbul Mujahideen group. Had it not been the braveness of the driver Saleem Sheikh who inspite of being wounded did not stop the bus but further drove fast and stopped 2 km away at the Army Base Camp perhaps the number of people killed would have been much higher! Every day our citizens residing on border areas are regularly being massacred by gunfire from across the border yet our politicians barring a few exceptions are fully determined that India must continue treating Pakistan as MFN and should always maintain cordial relations with it? How long will we tolerate quietly the terrorists sponsored directly by Pakistan and yet maintain cordial relations with Pakistan?
Parliament Must Declare Pakistan A Terror State Right Now

                                                       Naresh Aggarwal of Samajwadi Party has very rightly called for declaring Pakistan a terror state in an interview with journalists in a news channel. Even earlier Rajeev Chandrashekhar who is a Rajya Sabha MP had even tried to move a private member bill for declaring Pakistan a terror sponsor country but he was dissuaded by other MPs from doing so. But now he again intends to bring a Bill on this very same issue. But who really cares for them? Neither PM nor Leader of Opposition nor leaders of other parties!
                                                All members of all parties must sink all their differences and unite to declare Pakistan a terror state. Maulana Mehmood Madani of Jamiat-e-Ulema Hind and a former Rajya Sabha MP had demanded some time back that Pakistan must be declared as “Aatankistaan” and should be boycotted completely but this is not acceptable to our MPs for reasons known best to them! This ghastly attack on Amarnath pilgrims is not an attack on just them alone or an attack on people following one religion alone rather it is a direct attack on the very identity of our nation as a whole which stands for plurality, unity, tolerance and communal harmony. It is most unfortunate that even after so many terror attacks being directly sponsored by Pakistani Army and Inter Services Intelligence of Pakistan since last 4 decades we have not responded by declaring Pakistan a terror state and nuking all relations with them.
                                          We must also pay our deepest tribute to the 2 brave soldiers – Naib Subedar Paramjit Singh of Indian Army and Head Constable Prem Sagar of BSF and heartfelt condolences to their families who were recently badly mutilated and beheaded by Border Action Force of Pakistan! This has not happened for the first time with our soldiers. Earlier also we have seen such incidents happening and what is worse is that still our political leadership very strongly believes that relations with Pakistan are more important than the human rights of soldiers!
                                                    Nothing on earth can be more shocking! It were our brave soldiers who won the 1971 war against Pakistan. But see what happened! We released 93,000 Pakistani prisoners of war but they didn’t release our 54 soldiers who were tortured mercilessly as was testified by none other than the then Pakistan Zulfikar Ali Bhutto who after being deposed by Gen Zia ul Haq was thrown in prison next to where the Indian soldiers who were prisoners in custody of Pakistan were lodged and he wrote that whole night the Indian prisoners of war were beaten mercilessly and their shriek in pain could be heard continuously! Who was responsible for it? The political leadership of that time! Why politicians care a damn for our soldiers and believe only in paying lip service to them? Why politicians believe strongly that Pakistan is more important than our soldiers? Why can’t Pakistan be declared a terror state?
                                               Truth be told, there are innumerable such reported and unreported incidents. During Kargil war we all saw how Captain Saurav Kalia and 5 soldiers of 4 Jat Regiment were mercilessly tortured not for 2 days or 5 days or 10 days or 15 days or 20 days but for full 22 days! They were blinded and their eyes were gouged out by hot iron rods similarly their ears, nose and other parts too were similarly mutilated. Not stopping here their whole body bore signs of cigarette torture and even their private parts were not spared and were cut and put in their mouth. Finally they were shot in the head after more than 20 days of most horrifying torture!
                                                 But for our political leadership, relations with Pakistan were more important and it was decided to not rake up this issue not just in any international forum but also in any bilateral forum even though the then PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee and the then Defence Minister Jaswant Singh promised to Captain Kalia’s parents that they would raise this in every forum available with full force! As if this was not enough, a head of an Indian soldier – Bhausaheb Maruti Talekar was beheaded on 27 February 2000 and the dreaded Al Qaeda terrorist Iliyas Kashmiri who beheaded him presented the severed head to the Pakistani invader Gen Pervez Musharraf who was quick to immediately hand over Rs 1 lakh to him as cash prize and vowed to keep it as trophy with him and this was reported widely in all English dailies! Pakistani media published the photographs of Iliyas Kashmiri carrying the severed head of Kalekar!
                                              Truly speaking, even now matters don’t end! Our political leadership decided to accord a red carpet royal reception to Pakistani invader Gen Pervez Musharraf on whose instructions Talekar was beheaded by Kashmiri and who masterminded Kargil war in which we lost more than 600 soldiers as per official figures even though unofficially the figure is quite higher! All major political parties were united in treating Gen Musharraf like a royal emperor and they felt truly honoured in shaking hands with him, having photo-ops with him, hosting parties for him and what not! They felt honoured to be with this Pakistani invader who mercilessly ordered Kargil war and massacred our soldiers!  Is this the way human rights of soldiers are respected in India?
                                             We all also know fully well how the Pakistani soldiers in 2013 entered Indian territory and beheaded our brave soldier Hemraj Singh and took away his severed head as trophy and also mutilated the body of another soldier  Sudhakar Singh! We also saw how the children and wife and parents of Hemraj kept pleading for the head of Hemraj to see him one last time! Above all, the political leadership yet again decided that relations with Pakistan are more important than soldiers and that would continue uninterrupted!
                                                It is known to all that Pakistan trains, arms and fires at Indian troops to ensure that terrorists safely land inside Indian territory to cause maximum death and destruction all around! We all saw how during Uri attack the terrorists specifically targeted Indian soldiers and killed about 20 of them! Still the political leadership decided that relations with Pakistan would flourish!
                                               We all also saw how after the Pathankot terror attack which took place about two years back in which we lost many of our brave soldiers including a Lieutenant Colonel and a Major, yet Centre decided to again not nuke any kind of relations with Pakistan! Instead, they went ahead and decided to invite the officials of notorious Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) to visit the site where terror attack took place so that they could inspect and help in solving the dastardly terror attack! No prizes for guessing that the net result was a big zero and Pakistan refused to honour its commitment to invite Indian National Investigation Agency (NIA) officials to Pakistan to interrogate the key suspects!
                                                        I pity the security adviser to Centre who advised them to invite ISI officials! It was our national image that again took the worst beating! But our political establishment is least bothered! Why our political leaders inspite of being betrayed by Pakistan time and again keep trusting them blindly?
                                                 We have seen so many times that India keeps on submitting proofs and dossiers of Pakistan Army’s involvement to Pakistan in fomenting terrorists only to get no reply! For how long will our political establishment keep fooling the people? For more than 2 decades Punjab bore the brunt of terrorism sponsored by Pakistan yet our politicians refuse to see the clear writing on the wall!
                                                 Why inspite of India losing more than a lakh soldiers to terrorism sponsored directly by Pakistan has the political establishment decided to not let it affect bilateral ties in any manner? Why are the human rights of soldiers not respected in India? Why the Prime Minister of India has time to visit Kedarnath shrine but has just no time to visit the family of those soldiers who had been beheaded and mutilated? Why PM feels below his dignity to visit them?
                                             Why inspite of Shashi Tharoor, Subramanium Swamy and many others from different political parties repeatedly pleading to end Most Favoured Nation (MFN) status to Pakistan is our political establishment ruling at Centre not prepared? Why only India is bound by WTO rules and not Pakistan who too is a member? Why we have conferred MFN status to Pakistan since 1996 but Pakistan has still not conferred it upon us? For sponsoring proxy war on us because of which we have lost so many innocent lives and so many brave soldiers? Shameful!
                                Why our political establishment is adopting such a pusillaminous approach towards Pakistan? Why has Pakistan declared proxy war against India since last more than four decades due to which we have lost many of our brave soldiers and still for our politicians relations with Pakistan are more important than our brave soldiers who are ready to sacrifice their invaluable lives for the nation? Why politicians never send their children to army or any other fighting force while exhorting others to join them? Why this dubious double standards?
                                                     It is most shocking to see that Indian politicians consider Pakistani diplomats more important than our soldiers! They cannot be killed and they have to be honourably treated as we are bound by the Vienna Convention but certainly they can be ordered to leave India and not come back as long as undeclared proxy war is continuing against India! Why should we allow an army of diplomats on our soil whose only job is to meet Hurriyat leaders and foment instability in India? Why politicians don’t value the life of soldiers who sacrifice their everything for us and why politicians are hell bent that relations with Pakistan cannot be broken under any circumstances?
                                               It is most disgusting to note that a small Muslim country in the Gulf region named Kuwait has the guts and daring to blacklist and  ban Pakistani nationals from entering the country over fears of political unrest which could prove a risk to the Gulf state’s security. The blacklist includes trade, tourism and visit visas as well as visas sponsored by spouses. But shameless Indian politicians are so shameless that they are just not prepared to do anything against Pakistan and inspite of losing lakhs of lives to terror industry sponsored directly from Pakistan are not prepared at all to act in any manner against Pakistan! Why?
                                               Pakistan has made terrorism a cottage industry which is mushrooming in nearly all parts of the country. Our soldiers are dying everyday while fighting with Pakistani soldiers and terrorists trained by Pakistani Army and ISI yet we see shameless politicians gifting shawl to leaders of Pakistan and attending their various functions. Why are our politicians so shameless? It is because they never pick up guns and fight on the borders nor do they ever send their children to the borders to die for our nation! So it is but natural that how can they feel the pain that is suffered only by our soldiers who are posted on the borders?
                                              Why shameless politicians never send their own children to army to die as soldier? Why shameless politicians don’t feel the pinch even after India has lost more than 1 lakh soldiers to terror sponsored by Pakistan? Why shameless politicians don’t hold talks and dialogues with rapists or dacoits or any other ordinary criminal but only holds talks and dialogues with terrorists trained in Pakistan or any other foreign nation and similarly why ceasefire too is declared only for terrorists who re-arm, re-group and re-kill with more fury after being aided, assisted and abetted by Pakistan? Why interlocutors are appointed for terrorists trained in foreign rogue countries like Pakistan?
                                                     Why shameless politicians never change the law to send Pakistanis living in India to Pakistan? Why shameless politicians allow Pakistani flags and flags of dreaded terror groups like ISIS to be waved openly in India? Why shameless politicians defend those Pakistanis who shout “Meri Jaan Pakistan, Mera Kaleja Pakistan, Meri Chhati Pakistan, Meri Dhadkaan Pakistan and never send them to Pakistan? Why they are granted Indian citizenship when they swear by Pakistan?
                                                   Why Gen GD Bakshi, Col RSN Singh and many other brave soldiers repeatedly say that they are ready to bear the expense of those Pakistanis who shout slogans in support of Pakistan to be sent to Pakistan and yet shameless politicians never listens to them and wants these Pakistanis to keep staying in India? Why are they not sent to Pakistan whom  they love so much? Why such Pakistanis don’t emulate the famous singer Adnan Sami who was a Pakistani but he liked India so he took Indian citizenship similarly why don’t they go to Pakistan and take Pakistani citizenship? Why shameless politicians make no law in this regard so that no Pakistani feels compelled to beat his breast and keep crying “Pakistan, Pakistan, Pakistan” rather immediately shift to Pakistan where their heart lies really?       
                                                     Why shameless Indian politicians learn no lesson from repeated terror attacks in which we lose so many precious lives? Why shameless politicians allow Pakistanis to enter India on one pretext or the other like watching cricket matches or some other reason and then manage to go absconding to carry out terror attacks indiscriminately against India? Why shameless politicians keep ranting against Pakistan during election rallies but are not ever prepared to declare it a terror state nor ever snap all ties with it?
                                India must first itself declare Pakistan a terror state before demanding the same from other nations. With what face do our leaders ask other nations to declare Pakistan a terror state? Why do they themselves not act by moving a Bill in Parliament in this regard and bringing to board all MPs so that Pakistan can be declared a terror state?
                                          Why can’t this unilateral MFN status to Pakistan be revoked even now? Let me say that our politicians must learn something from Kuwait on how to place our national interests above everything else! But they will never and they will continue with the charade of blindly reposing faith in Pakistan and maintaining cordial relations with Pakistan even as our soldiers keep dying, keep getting beheaded and mutilated because how does this affect our politicians?
                                                    Why politicians of nearly all political parties were united in according a red carpet welcome to Pakistani invader General Pervez Musharraf who masterminded Kargil war in which we lost more than 600 soldiers as per official figures even though unofficially the figure was quite high and were unanimous in saying that, “Paar baat jab aaygi Pervez ki nahin paar baat jab aaygi Musharraf ki humein to Musharraf chaiyein, humein to Pervez. Lagta hain bada pyaara dikhta hain bada pyaara.” This same Gen Musharraf hails dreaded terror leaders like Hafiz Saeed and Syed Salaluddin as “Yeh to hero hain ji hero! Hafiz Saeed to hero hain ji hero bilkul aasli hero aajme ke dekh lo. Syed Salaluddin bhi bilkul aasli hero hain ji.  India neh to dekh rakha hain aajma ke!” He even threatened to nuke India during Kargil war if Indian Army dared to step even one inch inside Pakistani territory as he is of the view that only Pakistani Army has the right to invade and not Indian Army whose job is to just defend!  Even though senior Supreme Court lawyer Aman Lekhi very strongly felt that Gen Musharraf who was responsible for Kargil war and the brutal killings of hundreds of our brave soldiers should have been arrested right when her landed in India and after being tried for war crimes should have been hanged but see how politicians tom-tommed in front of him even though politician like Sandeep Dixit have no qualm in equating our present Army Chief Gen Bipin Rawat with “Sadak ka Gundaa”! Are politicians on pay role of Pakistan or Musharraf? If not then why so much of kowtowing in front of them and extra soft corner for them? Why repeatedly Pakistan sends its Border Action Team (BAT) to India with sharp weapons to behead our soldiers, mutilate their bodies and even their private parts are not spared and still politicians keeps tolerating it quietly?
                                     Just recently the Pakistani invader Gen Musharraf disclosed that Dawood Ibrahim who masterminded the 1993 bomb blast in Mumbai in which more than 300 people were killed and who has also been involved in many other bomb blasts is somewhere in Karachi and why should Pakistan hand over him to India? He also said that, “Dawood is killing Hindus just like India is killing Muslims”! He has been declared a “proclaimed offender” in Pakistan but he is given undue importance by politicians and some journalists who always like to advertise what he says against India! Shameful!
                        Terrorists trained in Pakistan have been carrying out most ghastly terror attacks on various parts of India since last more than four decades but still our politicians are just not prepared to nuke all relations with Pakistan leave alone declaring them as terror state! Why? We all saw how 26/11 terror attack on Mumbai claimed nearly 200 lives and earlier also in 2006 a whole train was blown off in which we lost more than 200 lives again but still our leaders are not ready to declare Pakistan terror state or even withdraw the unilateral MFN status conferred wrongly by India to them! Why?            
                                          Shame on such shameless politicians! They are more dangerous than Pakistan itself and this is voiced by people all across India but they really care two hoots about it! This alone explains why still India is continuing with MFN status to Pakistan and it has not been declared a terror state till now! Even RSS leaders and Sangh Pariwar leaders are helpless as those who are ruling in Centre are not listening to them and are not ready to break ties with Pakistan under any circumstances. Centre has vowed to hunt down those terrorists responsible for carrying out the most reprehensible terror attack on Amarnath pilgrims but is in no mood to punish Pakistan which is behind all terror attacks on Indian soil. This is just like applying a band aid where major surgery is required for the wound to be healed properly!
                                    Even attack on Indian Parliament, Red Fort and blowing off of trains, 26/11 terror attack on Mumbai and so many terror attacks has failed to convince leaders sitting as MPs in Parliament to at least act very strongly now and declare Pakistan a terror state right now! Our soldiers are daily battling cross border terrorism since last many decades but even this has failed to shake our MPs to put everything behind and unite in declaring Pakistan a terror state and nuking all relations with it! They are in no mood to even now revoke MFN status wrongly and most unfairly granted to Pakistan unilaterally way back in 1996 even as terrorists trained by them ensured that Hindus were made to flee Kashmir as also those Muslims who helped Hindus in any manner and were made refugees in their own country! They strongly feel that Pakistan cannot be boycotted or declared a terror state under any circumstances even though Kuwait a Muslim majority country in Gulf has openly declared them so and ordered all Pakistanis to leave Kuwait!  How can this be ever justified? India must behave like a sovereign country now!  
Sanjeev Sirohi, Advocate,
s/o Col BPS Sirohi,
A 82, Defence Enclave,
Sardhana Road, Kankerkhera,

Meerut – 250001, Uttar Pradesh.