Launch of National Freight Index | Freight Rates and Trends for Better Decision Making

In line with our goal of transforming the logistics industry in India, I am excited to share with you the launch of the National Freight Index (NFI). With this, we aim to bring transparency to the previously opaque sector. Unrestricted, easy and open access to freight rate information through National Freight Index would empower millions of small fleet owners as well as logistics decision makers in India.

NFI is the first-of-its-kind barometer of the road freight spot market and is based on Rivigo Rate Exchange (RRE) that gives a live spot rate on over 7 million lanes (origin, destination) and vehicle type combinations in the country. NFI offers an aggregated picture of both, live rates and historical trends of spot prices across 150 different combinations. Both RRE and NFI are based on Rivigo’s machine learning and economics powered pricing algorithms.

On the page, you can look at the live freight index across adjustable filters on truck types, origin zones and haulage distance for spot rates. Additionally, 13-month index history and a dedicated page on insights generated from indices are available. Over the next few months, new features will be launched to enable index personalization and reflect market sentiment. A whitepaper for you to better understand and use the National Freight Index, is accessible here.

With NFI, it is easier to gauge the health of the road freight market and draw real and meaningful insights. It can cater to use cases for logistics decision makers, supply chain professionals in companies, consultants, researchers, sales force of trucking related businesses (OEMs, NBFCs) and academicians. One can use the trends reflected in the indices as a part of their operating plans, freight spend decisions, business proposals and research for providing sharper context to the earlier opaque freight industry. For example, trucking profitability can be sensed by evaluating NFI, fuel prices, interest rates together. Companies closely tied to trucking can adjust their product offerings, manufacturing volumes and sales strategy by understanding emerging trends from NFI.