Month: August 2019

Is Education Overrated?

Importance of Literacy Rate When discussing the well-being of any country or state of human development of a country; literacy rate is considered to be one of the key parameters. […]

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Mobile Phones and Its Evolution

Introduction A mobile phone is a portable mode of telephone that can make and receive calls. What makes it different from telephone is its wireless mode of communication as it allows the user to move while communicating.  Phones have come a long way since Bell made the first call. Now we […]

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Launch of IRCTC iMudra

IRCTC since its inception has been one of the front-runners of bringing e-commerce to the doorstep of common-man and has also been a pioneer in bringing many digital innovations in different railway domains. Continuing with the same spirit, passion, and lots of enthusiasm, IRCTC has now launched its new product […]

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