Microphone and their types


Communication is part and partial of human and animal life
since existence.  Every living thing on
the earth has its way to communicate. But we as humans have advanced in terms
of communication with all great inventions. These technical instruments have made
our life easy enhancing communication in our day to day life. These devices are
designed for a purpose and they are serving it well. It has connected human
beings from one place to another very conveniently making the world a better
place to live.   
 One of those devices
is microphone that converts sound vibration into electronic signals inscribe to
a recording medium. It is a very useful device as it enables many types of
electronic function that is audio recording, and communications of many kinds.  Another main function of microphone is playing
music and speech recording.   They are very beneficial when it comes to
music recording from instruments like guitars, drums vocals and other acoustic
instruments in studio. It provides the best possible sound that a musician
desires when he plays his instruments. 
But to listen a great sound whether its music or an interview, all one
needs is a selection of good quality of microphone. There are many types of
microphone available in the market. One cannot use same type and quality of microphone
for multiple purposes. Different types of microphone have different functioning
to perform. Here is its brief:

Early microphones

Carbon microphones are the oldest among microphones that
were used in telephones. It was used for over one hundred years. The devices
used the electrical resistance and variable of carbon.  Metal plates translate air born sound waves
into an electrical signal under pressure. Not able to produce a clear sound,
early microphone was tough to use.
The liquid-based mechanism was used to operate these first-ever
electronic microphones.

Different types of microphones

There are many types of microphone but basis two is the
Condenser microphone and the Dynamic Microphone. These two microphones are used
by professionals in any music studio or professional recording environment.
There is a third type called a Ribbon Microphone too, but these are less common
and usually used by professionals only.

Dynamic Microphones

The unique quality of these microphones is it doesn’t need a
power supply and people can move freely from one place to another with
microphone in hand.  This instrument
helps in stage performances and live show where anchor has to move randomly in
different directions. Another is its fairly low price in comparison to another
microphone. In short, it can be called as an all-rounder microphone which
performs all task including recording and vocals.
The technology behind this microphone is a use of a moving
coil magnetic diagram tp produce the audio signal that can tackle high Sound
Pressure Levels (SPL).  The most common
example of these types of the microphone is  Shure SM57 and the Shure SM58

Condenser Microphones

These are the sensitive microphone that can even capture
subtle noise like breathing. Mostly used by musician for recording in studio to
get the surround effect of the sound. It is preferred for soft music recording
as they use a conductive diaphragm that vibrates along with the sound that
exerts pressure and uses capacitance to create the audio signal. Because of its
sensitive nature so not ideal for recording guitar amps up close.

Ribbon Microphones

These microphones are quite expensive in general and are
perfect recording device for multiple instruments in a closed room. They easily
can catch even slightest sound coming as of its extremely sensitive nature.
Considered great for capturing vocals, strings, and woodwind
A ribbon microphone is the most favorite and best suited for
the recording specialist. It is designed for recording to those who want an antiquated
sounding and feeling to their music as it beautifully records higher notes
associated with music instruments.  These
many features of these microphones make them very popular and are a favorite of
a music lover.
There are numerous different microphones available in market
and one has to choose wisely according to its need.


When it comes to music then all people want it to come clear
to ear so that it can touch the soul. And this can only be possible if a
musician chooses its instrument and recording device carefully.  Well there are no tough rules when it comes
to recording but knowing about the and recording techniques can provide soulful
music to the ear.