Back to School: Top 5 Grammar Tips

No one can dispute the importance of grammar, and at this important back to school juncture, it’s a good time to revisit the rules of the written word. A clear link can be drawn from grammar to professionalism, becoming an intellectual, and attention to detail – all of which will help students in future academic endeavors as well as when they enter the workforce.

From spelling to verbs to punctuation (including sections on commas and semicolons), you’ll be reminded of which grammatical tenets to emphasize in your class this year– and you might be inspired to utilize the grammar-strengthening classroom activities we mention!

But lest you think that only students need a grammatical tuneup, it’s important to note that teachers and administrators also may be lacking a fundamental knowledge of grammar. This article can serve as a friendly reminder to educators who may need a back-to-basics lesson of their own.

As always with all subjects, practicing grammar is a fabulous way to learn it, and this article notes that as well – we spell out helpful, fun ways for you to teach your class the bedrocks of it.

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