Good Impact of Lockdown

by: Janvi Joshi

The nationwide lockdown that brought 1.35 billion people to a stop has apparently caused positive impact on the environment, we can say at least temporarily. From cleaner air to liberated wildlife, corona virus lockdowns across the world appear to have had a number of positive effects on the environment.

Below, we take a look at some of the notable impacts of corona virus lockdowns our surroundings.

Cleaner air has perhaps been the single greatest positive effect of the lockdowns on the environment.

ganga river

ganga river

The lockdown has also led to better air quality. According to the World Air Quality, the average concentration of PM 2.5 in New Delhi came down by 71 per cent for a week last month. Nitrogen Dioxide, a pollutant, has also witnessed a decline of 71 per cent.

Visuals of a cleaner River Ganga have emerged from Uttar Pradesh’s Kanpur as well as Varanasi. The clear water is a result of the shutdown of most industries.

In a rare sighting, fishes can be seen near the Varanasi ghaat steps. This seems to have happened because of absence or crowds and clean water.

One of Aam Aadmi Party MLA and Delhi Jal Board Vice-Chairman Raghav Chadha said absence of people has made the Yamuna cleaner.

Many industries and offices are closed due to the lockdown these days and therefore the Yamuna is looking cleaner. The stoppage of industrial pollutants and industrial waste has definitely had a positive effect on water quality.