Digitalization and Cybercrime

By- Rhythm

In this digital world when crime gets digitalized nothing worse can happen. A famouse case of “Nth room” was exposed in South korea recently. Nth room case is a digital sexual crime case that occurred on the application ‘Telegrame’ from 2018-2020.

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The ‘Nth Room’ refers to the name of the Telegram chat rooms where the videos of these women were circulated. Reports reveal that as many as 200,000 people were participants in these chat rooms with more than 70 women being the victim including minors.

Reportedly, one of the suspects, Cho Jo Bin also known as “Doctor or Baksa (baksa- doctor in Korean) would lure young women with offers of part-time jobs or modeling offers and then blackmail them with their personal information to create sexually explicit videos of themselves.

Many male idols, actors, politicians, businessman are said to be member of these chat rooms. The ‘Baksa’ aka Cho Jo Bin has been arrested by the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency on 20th march 2020.

The Seoul police have been probing the Nth Room case since September 2019. So far, the cops have got 15,000 names of people who used the Nth Room chatrooms. But police said that many people shared one chatroom, so the number of users could be higher.

More 2 million people signed the petition to reveal the identity of ‘Baksa’ ( his identity has been revealed now) and now more than a million people are signing the petition to reveal all the members of these chatrooms.

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