Purakala with ISSN 0971-2143 is an UGC CARE Journal

Purakala with ISSN 0971-2143 is a monthly publication, with peer arbitration in Engineering, Science and Management. Purakala is an open-access, Multidisciplinary journal, driven by the belief that all types of knowledge must be globally available. Its target audience are original researchers who dialogue with the interdisciplinary theme in science, technology and management. The journal publishes unpublished research, of recognized theoretical rigor, intellectual and scientific relevance and that involves multidisciplinary discussions that revolve around four main thematic axes: Science, Engineering and Management.

High Visibility: Purakala with ISSN 0971-2143 nis available via many university libraries. Articles are freely and easily available to anyone in developing countries. All articles can be accessed for free.

Open Access Option:  Purakala with ISSN 0971-2143 is part of online open, which allows authors to access published article anytime and anywhere.

Publication Cost: Very normal charges with additional benefits to publish your articles.

Impact: A good impact views from all over countries like India, Unites states, Europe, Asia, etc…

  • Purakala with ISSN 0971-2143 is an Open-Access, peer reviewed International Journal
  • We have Provide the prestigious academic journal reviewer’s team from various universities, colleges private or government sector, and Highly reputed company.
  • It covers the full range of qualitative & effective research papers
  • Download any article from the website for free of cost
  • Simple steps for publication of research articles and review articles
  • Purakala with ISSN 0971-2143 is Open access journal for high indexing and promotion of your published papers
  • Share free Knowledge and promote “Advance Research & Innovative Ideas”
  • For any query email us on editor@purakala.com

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