Eid being celebrated across Middle East today amidst lockdown

Eid is being celebrated by the Muslims across the Middle East today amidst lockdown. Special Eid prayers were performed at home by people. Religious leaders and rulers have urged people to perform the Eid prayers at home in the face of the pandemic affecting the globe. 

AIR correspondent reports that Eid is being celebrated across the Middle East today under lock down conditions. Normally performed at mosques and Mussalas, but this year due to the current exceptional circumstances created by the spread of COVID-19, Eid Al Fitr prayers are being performed at home, without Khutba, or sermon in most of the countries in the Middle East.

This is the first time that Eid is being performed without the traditional namaz in the mosques and special greetings and festivities associated with it. Traditional Eid shopping, night bazaars were all missing this time. Eid Al Fitr prayers are being performed at home to ensure safety, as mosques will remain closed due to the precautionary measures to contain the spread of COVID-19. During the entire month of Holy Ramadan, mosques across UAE and Saudi remained closed. The faithful were asked to offer prayers at home Muezzins however, chanted the Eid Takbeers through loudspeakers from dawn till the Eid prayer time.