Virtual Marketing and Communication Intern


Virtual Marketing and Communication Intern

Job Employer Name: Eduindex News, New Delhi

Category: Marketing

Number Of Openings: 2

Job Description:

This internship is now virtual, and work can be done from a remote location. Preference is given to those with an academic requirement for an internship.


You must be a college graduate, enrolled in an Undergraduate or Graduate degree program at the time of the internship.

Preferred Majors:

Journalism, Public Relations, Communications, Marketing, Film/Video, Social Media Studies or Digital Communications Preferred Grade Levels: Undergraduate Junior, Undergraduate Senior and Graduate level but all college levels will be considered.

Duration: Our Internship Program typically runs for a specified 4-to-24-week duration

This is a part-time position, 20 hour per week.

You’ll directly support the mission of the organization, which is to share information, protect the brands reputation, and engage in conversations that inspire people to participate in Eduindex News events.

Your projects may include: Learning how to develop communications and media relations strategies. Being exposed to various facets of communications including social media, public relations, media relations, video, and photography. Developing, writing, editing and proofing press releases, web stories, and event scripts.

Special Skills Required: Strong writing skills with experience writing, formatting, and posting clear content.

You’ll support the effective use of marketing intelligence to better communicate with our supporters, raise more money/revenue, and more. Your projects may include: Creating, monitoring, and curating interesting and effective content for social media platforms.

Developing Marketing Strategies to advance the mission of EDUindex News. Learning the policies and procedures of working with social media in a professional collaborative environment. Creating and designing flyers for advertising. Special Skills Required:

Marketing statistics, data targeting, and experience with HTML or any data programming language is preferred but not required. Strong quantitative and qualitative research skills. Familiarity with Web Analytics and data interpretation preferred.

You’ll serve an integral role conveying the work of Eduindex News to the organizations constituents by assisting in social media management, tracking, and community engagement with multiple social media accounts. Your projects may include: Creating, monitoring, and curating interesting and effective content for social media platforms. Producing digital content to promote and raise awareness of EDUindex News values, content, and activities on social media.

Special Skills Required: Strong writing skills, with experience writing, formatting, and posting clear content. Strong Photography/Videography skills with intermediate to advanced proficiency in Photoshop, iMovie, and Adobe Premiere Pro strongly preferred. What You’ll Learn You will enjoy a collaborative work culture committed to the diversity of our people, programs, and services.

You’re learning and development will include: Leadership Teamwork Relationship Building Organizational Management Volunteer Engagement, Management & Administration Cultivation of Cultural Competence and Inclusion Being involved in projects critical to the day-to-day work of our organization. Access to subject matter experts in the fields of Nonprofit Management, Nonprofit Fundraising, Organizational Management, Communications, Social Media, and much more.


public relations, press releases, imovie, media relations, social media management, social media, writing, editing, web content, adobe premiere pro, advertising, journalism, communication, adobe photoshop, community engagement.

How to Apply

Send your application to