Consolation through baiting lives!

“All is well” a consolation that’s what chief minister shivraj Singh chauhan is trying to tell the centre by conducting the examination all across the state even though reciveing tremendous amount of backlash by students and intellectuals, Chief minister is standing firm ground on his decision but is it right to use students lives as bait even as in this pandemic? a morale question needed to be asked by BJP leader himself as what he sees this situation as a mean to promote his political agenda because the situation itself says “All is not well”.
Meanwhile many IITS and NITS have opted to passing students without exams this year, the rgpv university has opened it’s examination forms for all years and degrees.The questions arises that if these premier institutions can allow students to pass them for one semester then why cannot these state universities pass students for just one semester?
Meanwhile the chief minister has tweeted that “we cannot put the future of students in jeopardy as passing them without exams would wash away all of their hard work they had done during the whole year.”
Well taking to these tweets students have replied quite humorously as well as giving witty answers that might have led the bjp leader ask questions to himself.
One of the students replied by saying that if you can win the election without conducting the election then why can’t we pass the exam without appearing in them while another one said that if students lives are in jeopardy than aren’t there future at risk due to the QUOTA SYSTEM.
Well all in all we know how college exams are we start preparation a week before and still we will are able to ace the test but when it comes to cracking a technical company interview there’s only just a few of us Who make it.
The big question that should be asked is if the chief minister is as stiff in taking the exams then would he also assure a job placement after the students clear there exam where one might actually need skills!
Seems what we all have are a web of questions and the possibility of getting the answers are as close as to getting the covid-19 vaccine.

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