Importance of Keeping a Journal

There was a time when most of us relied on mobile notes, however, the trend quickly died down and we failed to catch a glimpse of the scenario. Not many people are aware of its importance and benefits. Over the past few years, YouTubers, influencers, bloggers and “stationary enthusiastic friends” constantly reminded us about the importance of keeping a journal. Well, the answer to the question rests in itself, use a journal!

Here are a few points about the importance of keeping a journal:

Never depend on technology
Even in the age of millennials, technology has the tendency to crash or simply act against our needs. Unlike mobile notes and it’s limitations, journals can be used over and over again without the interference of any technical disturbance. Since mobile phones sometimes hang or stop functioning in the middle of typing something important, journals can come handy at any time of the day.

Take your journal anywhere you want! Unlike laptops or phones working on higher connectivity or battery life, journals are quite flexible and can be tagged along with you anywhere else.

Don’t disappear
Texts written in journals don’t disappear itself unless we strike something off or rub it off with an eraser. However things are not the same with technical devices when it crashes, it tends to erase important data.

Mental map
Journals are the perfect substitute to sticky or mobile notes. Once you forget the weekly routine, you can go back to your journal and quickly peek into the pages. What more than journals acting like your next mental map?

Vocab improvement
If you have never encountered Harry Potter paperback series (in a literal sense a trend to improve people’s vocab worldwide proven) journals will do its thing involuntarily in order to elevate anyone’s vocabulary skills.

Organizing skills
Journals can bless you with extraordinary organizing skills. Being organised during the times of quarantine is usually at its peak. However, journals can keep that additional tension at bay while helping you keep your daily schedule organized.

Journals are a great way to add meaning to your life. Thus journals can elevate self-awareness at the same time make you realize the precious value of time.

It’s a memory
Journals are a memory caught forever in the pages of a book. It’s like your hard drive, it’s like your own history that you can read in the future.

Journals have all the answers from what you did to how you did. It’s a train of progress from how you have evolved.

Mental health
Nobody talks about how good journals are for mental health. It teaches you to live life with grace and adds discipline into your mind, body and soul. Keeping a journal encourages positivity around you.

Make sure to add hints of creativity on your journal, fill the cover page with a pop of colour or add fancy emoticons stickers for remembrance. Never share your journals with anyone as the information shared inside comes across unique to your identity.

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