Since you were a baby girl, you always had plans and dreamt about your perfect marriage and certainly your life after that. Isn’t it? But, it’s time to rethink and live your life before someone else enters in it forever. Love yourself and never give yourself a chance to think “I wish I did this before”.  You might never get a chance to live and enjoy as much as you want after your big day. Set yourself free and be ready to rise above all. SO, girls the clock is ticking, grab your notepad and pen to add these things on your checklist before you happily tie a knot-

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Know yourself – This is the first and most basic thing that you need to do. Know and discover yourself. Be aware of what you want from life and what your expectations from it are.  Make mistakes and grow out of it. Don’t stick to your past. Observe things around you and let it tell you where you belong.

Be independent– Live life the way you want to. Do things you always thought of. Be financially independent and spend the money the way you want. Pamper yourself. Take decisions for yourself. Even if the decisions are bad, they are yours and you will only gain out of it. Learn from your own experiences.

Solo trips– Every girl has this on their checklist. But how many actually do this?  It’s high time you do what you feel like. Go on solo trips, adventure life. Make new friends, learn and explore the world. It’s time to reconnect you from the world and live life without restrictions.

Become fearless – Face your anxieties and fears. Come over it. Do things you never thought you could. Surprise yourself and the world. Go hiking, driving, or learn a new sport. Know that it’s your time to rise and no one can stop you from this.

Follow your heart– Do what your heart says, follow your hobbies, and your passion. Give yourself a break and know that not all things are supposed to fall into the correct order. Life is messy but it’s a beautiful one. Sing, write, or just lay around and read your favorite book.