Time to say NO to chinese products

What more do we want ? Why are we not stopping? Are we not seeing our families suffering ?
    Our country had suffered economic loss of more than 30 lakh crore. Millions of people had lost their jobs due to lockdown. People don’t have work to do. Gradually, industries are opening, they are back on track, some people are getting their jobs back , but many are not.To make India employed, government is taking various actions, government is advising citizens to make and buy indian products. If more factories are opened in our country, more people will be employed working for our own country. Indian companies do not have proper market to sell their goods because Indian markets are full of Chinese products which are considered beneficial  by public which made a tendency to buy chinese products instead of Indian product. Importing from China means increasing China’s GDP, in a simpler language, it makes China rich, by which they can buy more weapons which will be used against us, our soldiers will have to face those bullets and grenades and all such ammunition. By decreasing imports from China we can direct towards a huge loss to China, other than boycotting chinese products we have to boycott using chinese apps because when we use their app, it earned millions of money for them.
Instead of importing more, we should export more, which even increases the job opportunities.
All we have to do is, whenever we buy something just check either it is made in China or India. Buy Indian products. It’s better to circulate our money into our own country.

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