Curse of human life : value of Values

The real illiteracy today’s world facing is lack of sacraments . Parents send their children to school so teacher can teach them but they forgets that they are the first teacher who teaches moral values to their child such as respect , humbleness , honesty. That’s their duty to give sacrament to their children . School can provide them only academic knowledge, but the basic etiquettes has to be taught by their parents only . Parents generally avoid their responsibility of teaching their childern the basic ethics and blames the school for children’s wrong deeds and instead of exhorting their child, they rather scolds them and says “What are you learning in school” . Parents should remember that they are giving fees to school only to provide academic knowledge and basic ethics described in the books but it’s actually the duty of the parents to make children to follow those etiquettes. Child spends maximum of 8 hours of his day in school but the rest of the 16 hours with family.
Hence, when a person makes ethical mistakes after growing , the blame goes to their parents who didn’t taught them to respect people, to take right decision ,  who didn’t taught them the difference between the good and bad deeds ,who let them be a part of a bad company which developed such mentality & influenced them to do bad activities.These are the things which has to be taught to a person from the childhood itself . So, it’s the duty of all the parents that rather than scolding children even for their smaller mistakes ,explain them the right thing.
That’s how a true & cherish development of a child takes place to be a better human ,better citizen.

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