Digital Marketing: Unfolding of a new arena

In today’s digital era, when almost every information out there is in your hands using a smartphone and an internet connection, even the markets of advertising and content creation have undergone a shift from conventional channels like the radio, print, television towards mire internet-based options like being a blogger, YouTuber, podcasts, etc.

Due to this shift, more eyeballs are now fixed on a smartphone screen than ever, hence even brands are now channelizing their branding and advertising towards digital mediums. That’s where a new hot area of self- employment, entrepreneurship, or even business gave birth to digital marketing.

From a student’s perspective, it is a great opportunity, provided that the millennials are so comfortable and easily adapt to the fast pace changes coming forth in the world of the internet. Data is believed to be the new oxygen of this century and more than 500 million internet users in the Indian subcontinent alone prove it. This number is set to increase across the globe that’s where this arena of being a digital marketer becomes the new hotspot of employment and business like the IT industry picked up the boom in the early 2000s after the burst of the dot-com bubble.

Digital marketing is like a combination of a variety of skills like Search Engine Optimization (organic marketing), Search Engine Marketing (inorganic marketing), social media marketing, blog writing as per keyword researches, managing social media handles, online reputation management and many more. From being an employee at a digital marketing company to being a self-employed blogger or starting your own business without almost no investment, whatever your work ethic suits you, this budding field has everything in the pack for you.

Now, the question arises from where to learn this skill of digital marketing?
It’s easy, start simple. Learn about some of the terms and key factors involved in it from well established digital marketers like Harsh Aggrawal, Ankur Aggarwal, Mark Manson, etc. Either learn from their blogs or some of them even have their YouTube channels. Also, as a beginner, I would recommend you to get certified in the fundamentals of digital marketing by the most used search engine and the tech-giant: Google itself. Yes, you read it right! There is a free course on Google Digital Garage, absolutely free of cost (with certification).

Just start it as a hobby along with your regular education, and have a learning attitude because within a few years you will possess a great skill that will be greatly relevant for your future. Moreover, then you can start your website through a domain and hosting provider or work as a digital marketing intern. Further, it is believed that skills like digital marketing, communication skills, presentation skills are going to have omnipresent demand in almost every career choice amongst the multi-talented coming generation. These skills are more practical application and experience-based unlike conventional theoretical based. So, in this social media age, the students should have a mindset not to be just a content consumer but also be a creator or marketer of a particular niche to have an edge over the competition.

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