Racism a common Practice

Racism is a term that is being used only when there is a need but, everyone in every walk of life does use this term to discriminate every person they meet and this discrimination does not have any religion or region but by their skin color as Martin Luther King Jr. rightly said: ” The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy”. When the civil rights moment was won in 1968 it bought a sense of relief to a black person thinking that Racism is the end but history has its play but in 2014 a black 18-year-old student, Micheal Brown was shoot down by a White Police officer and currently this is the time where the man has to measure himself as the United States is Gripping itself to its laws and the protests are erupting across the districts of the United States and all across the globe and the reason behind this simply a term that has a deep meaning ” Racism” and this term led to the death of a man named of George Floyd who was killed by a White Policeman by strangling George’s neck with his knees for about 9 minutes. This act of the white policeman has condemned by many citizens across the globe and demonstrations and protests and clashes with the police in the United States very saddening. Due to this crisis, there have been curfews in several districts in the United States and with the COVID-19 cases escalating past 6 million all over the globe and the United States being in the epicenter of this pandemic and many experts feel that due large gathering there may a large hike in the COVID-19. This is a disaster for mankind as this has violent eruptions during this pandemic crisis as there is spread of violence, clashes with police, looting and burning the stores and currently, the actions of the Civil rights movement is trending all over the internet and all the facts and related to racism is true as it is proven by everyone and by Statistics, in 2019 around 58% of people have been or felt discriminated by fellow mates or by society, but the real question here is “Whether the real heroes of the Civil rights movement would have wanted this clashes or the activities that are taking place”?



Oppression of the black people and colored have been in the history of human civilization a long time ago and as the civilization was becoming modernized the idea of this oppression was expected to be dropped but it gained momentum and made the oppressed people fight for equal rights and this fights have been in many countries like South Africa, United States, India, Britain and in other many countries as well and in the United States it gained momentum when Rosa parks refused to give her seat to the white that resulted in starting the Civil rights movement by Martin Luther King. Jr and this became a mass movement until the Civil rights bill was passed and this idea inspired to banish the Apartheid idea in South Africa by Nelson Mandela. Martin Luther King always stood by the side of Non-Violence and this was his Philosophy until death and his inspiration behind this is Mahatma Gandhi who used the same Non-Violence for the freedom.

Martin Luther King considered the triple evil of the society like poverty, Militarism, and racism and always stood against it and proved to be true. Martin Luther King has leaven behind a legacy to win a battle using Non-Violence as a tool but is his idea is being heard and those who use violence in this situation needs to rethink about their actions as it cause good in any way, of course not it just causes spreading of hatred among all the people and this has to be stopped and if anyone wants to prove that the reason for this protests and demonstrations is equal rights then bring back the Civil rights Movement as 2.0 and recreate the Civil Rights Movement again to win this battle with Non-Violence.