Black lives DO matter

An old adage says that if you haven’t created something than you have no right to kill it . Then why some people are becoming so relentless that movements like” Black Lives Matter” are taking birth?  Isn’t it a question on humanity ?

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What gets referred to as “the Black Lives Matter movement” is, in actuality, the collective labor of a wide range of Black liberation organizations, each which their own distinct histories. These organizations include groups like the Black Youth Project 100, the Dream Defenders, Assata’s Daughters, the St. Louis Action council, Millennial Activists United, and the Organization for Black Struggle, to name just a few.

Many have suggested, erroneously, that the BLM movement has “quieted” down in the age of Trump. Nothing could be further from the truth. If anything the opposite is true: BLM is stronger, larger, and more global now than ever before. The success of initiatives such as Alicia Garza’s Black Census Project — the largest national survey focusing on U.S. black lives in over 150 years — and Patrisse Cullor’s launch of the grassroots effort Dignity and Power Now in support of incarcerated people, both exemplify the BLM movement’s continued impact, particularly in local communities.

The evolution of social movements has never been easy to communicate; many observers want a seamless story of how change unfolds, or rely on spectacle to feed their interest in politics. Shifts and realignments in movements cause fear and anxiety even among their own captive audiences. But BLM’s experiment in participatory, feminist praxis required the movement to understand that change is at the heart of survival. Direct action organizing makes for good television; the dramatics of confrontations with police, the cleverly made signs, can provide object lessons for supporters and detractors to use when hashing out their perspectives, but they aren’t ends in themselves.

So it’s high time to learn a lesson and end all this creepy stuff.