Get over the laziness you face amid Covid pandemic

Novel corona virus has made lives all over the world at the extreme. Sitting in the classroom and chitchating with friends have become a luxury now. Wearing mask, sanitising every little thing in home, self quarantine are the faces of new normalised world we have to get adjusted on. Staying in home have made us become lazy.
Let us discuss how laziness affected us in this pandemic era where getting things done on time is a dream come true and All we do is nothing but just day dreaming.

Laziness in psychology

A person is said to be lazy if he always postpones a work that he can carry out just because it needs a lot of effort and then he engages in small tasks or remain idle. Here his motivation to remain idle exceeds his motivation to carry out his work.

Laziness is not always a bad thing. Sometimes being lazy for a day take out your stress and make you relaxed which will in turn increase your performance. But if it’s for too long it will become a trouble. You need to get out of it any cost.

Due to the massive shut down of all offices, schools, colleges, shopping malls, cinema theatres and restaurants. novel corona virus has made a great deal of people in panic, loss their jobs and stay in their homes. They are scared and hopeless of their future. They have lost all their trust and are stuck what to do. Along with that staying in homes people have fallen to become unusually lazy.

Reasons of laziness due to covid

• Staying in home all day make us think we have nothing to do.
• Feeling down and lonely.
• Uncertainty of when will this pandemic end.
• Fear of failure.
• Lack of trust about future.

Symptoms of laziness

• Postpones things and tell will do it tomorrow.
• Have little interest in doing everything.
• Only do things that require less effort.
• Always demand things to be done and get dissatisfied by it.
• No curiousity
• Never like to help others.
• Overthinking
• Depression
• Always like to be alone
• Never engage in home activities with family.

How to get over it

  • Become aware of your capabilities. Know your strengths and write it down in a paper. Try to stay focussed and Keep away all those emotional triggers bothering you.
  • Get motivated from your friends, family and other loved ones. You really need to discuss your plans and schedules with your family and get support from them
  • Reward yourself your favourite snack, a game or a film to watch after completing a task.
  • Exercise for a bit when you feel down. It will boost your body and rebuild your confidence quickly.
  • After all Realise that you can do this. The goal is within your reach, you only have to put some effort on and then success is in your hands.
  • Some more tricks to get over this laziness are:
  • Create a plan of action for something to be done. The time, effort and other factors to do it. This will give you proper direction on how to accomplish that goal.
  • Ask for help when you doubt it. If you have a doubt feel free to ask your coworkers. Don’t ever feel ashamed of it. It will only increase your knowledge and chances to be perfect. Moreover it will make you want to complete the work more.
  • Avoid distractions. If you are doing an important work, don’t go to scroll in your social media in between, just hold on. It will cost you a great amount of time. You may complete your works and then reward yourself with it after that.

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