Humanity still prevails

COVID-19 – a dreadful time period where a virus has entered in the world like a guest. Some people have described it as an episode of black mirror that they want to turn off, while others have said that they feel like the entire world is upside down. How does it feels when Monday seems like Sunday and sometimes we don’t even know what day of the week is it? Everyday we wake up , get freshen up , eat our breakfast and then sleep again. How does it feel when you check the weather and it shows the tag of ‘Healthy air quality’. I never thought that Delhi will ever be ‘pollution free’ be it for few days, but it was a relief listening to chirping of birds, facing amazing climatic changes with cool and calm April and May. None of us thought that this corona period will bring a devastating change in our everyday lives. We people were safe sitting at home, watching Netflix, having coffee, trying out different recipes, spending quality time with our loved ones. Did one of us realised what pain and trauma the people are suffering from, who are away from their homes , from their families , who are going trough such a difficult period and praying to return back home safely. There are some who don’t even get one-day meal and they have spent endless nights with empty stomach. The stray animals are crying for food , did anyone just step out of their house to feed them with one bread or with one bowl of milk? But there were some who came forward and helped the poor and the needy , gave food to the voiceless creatures and did an act of kindness. They have not done this for their betterment but for the people who are facing poverty and sadness. In the time of distress, there are several people around the globe who extended their helping hands and are supporting those in need. People have formed communities to help the needy be it the humans or the animals.

Pillars of Kindness

This is about an 81yr old man who feeds around 20-lakh people near Maharashtra Highway . Baba Karnal Singh Khaira , who serves food to the migrants returning home. He said that “It is a remote area where there are no dhabas or restaurants , so the people fill their stomach with Guru ka langar”. He is serving food from day 1 of the lockdown and still continues this good deed.There is no doubt that the Sikhs never step back from coming forward and helping the people , be it in any situation and this old man is one of them.

Baba Karnal Singh

It is imperative that the citizens are educated about the need to ensure that the voiceless creatures do not stay hungry. As the stray animals are dependent on the leftover food from restaurants and shops , they are facing a tough time as the shops and other things are closed due to lockdown restrictions. Government has comeup with a solution to ensure some directions regarding this problem. Government , NGO’s , famous personalities have come forward and took an initiative to help these animals.

One such story is about a man from Kerala who travels 20kms every night to feed the stray animals. He never used to feed stray animals but during this terrific time , he came out and fed the species. He says that travelling 20kms doesn’t matters because their are animals who are waiting for him and they welcome him with wagging their tails and happy faces, this makes him forget about how long he has travelled or how far has he come.

Feeding the animals

This is not as easy as we think , it really need guts to step of your house , feed these animals or serve food to the migrants , it is a risk taking factor but it is also an act of God , an act kindness and nobility where we humans can unite together and be a helping pillar for these people and for the animals as well. They are not asking for expensive things nor money neither shelter, just a piece of bread will make their day and bring a smile on their faces and you will also feel relieved with calm and prosperity.