Students can regain confidence in their learning through Coursera

Coursera has turned up as a blessing for the students by offering its courses for free from 1 June. Both graduate and undergraduate students can avail the services across the world. In this pandemic, nearly 70 percent of the students from all over the world are impacted by their campus closures. Thus, this announcement can be a boon for them to upgrade their skills to next level.

Coursera is a learning platform, popular world-wide which offers skilled courses taught by renowned university professors. It was founded by Stanford professors Daphne Koller and Andrew Ng in 2012. It offers MOOCs(Massive Open Online Courses), which is specialization in various fields. It is available in various languages such as Hindi, English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Arabic, Russian and much more. It covers varieties of domains such as data science, engineering, mathematics, machine learning, digital marketing, computer science, business, social sciences, humanities, medicine, biology, and others. Every course in it is taught by world-class instructors from top universities and companies. So, we can learn something from anywhere, anytime. The courses are usually paid where we can get access to on-demand video lectures, exercises, homeworks and discussion forums. Paid courses provide quizzes and projects as well so that students are able to face real life challenges. Upon completion, students are also rewarded with a certificate.

But , now the courses are for free. Coursera has recently tweeted, “University and college students can now learn in-demand career skills for free with full access to Coursera’s 3,800 courses, Guided Projects, and Professional Certificates. Find out more and help us tell the world! #SkillUpTogether.”

Since it’s uncertain that when will the students be able to return to their colleges, along with many summer internships got cancelled, students are wondering about the impact of this pandemic on their ability to get into successful careers. Now, the college and university students can learn and earn certificates around the world on Coursera for free. They can enroll in the courses of their choices for free until July 31 with no credit card details required. Current UG, PG, or recently graduated students with a verified school email can sign-up to get free access to over 3800 Courses, 400 Specializations, 150 Guided Projects, and 11 Professional Certificates. Once they get themselves enrolled, they can avail the services until Sept. 30, 2020, to complete the programs.

During this period, students can learn from the world’s best instructors, and earn credentials from the top universities, including the University of Michigan, Yale University, and Duke University. Professional Certificates from industry educators such as Google and SAS will get the students capable of facing job-like environments with the demanding skills. The free-guided projects will get the students a hands-on learning experience to develop their job-relevant skills like app development with Android Studio with Java, data analysis with Plotly and Python, and social media marketing skills.

With offices and schools shut nationwide, for around two months, many education tech platforms have been offering free courses and discounts to students in India, but most of them are for K-12 level of students. What makes Coursera different is that its courses are for the graduate students who are preparing themselves for the job market in-demand skills and offers credentials and certificates from the top notch universities world-wide including Stanford, Michigan and Yale.

So what are you waiting for? Get yourself enrolled for free at

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