The little prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery

The little prince, a novella written by Antoine de Saint-Exupery was first published in 1943. He belonged to an aristocratic catholic family. He was an aristocrat, writer, poet and pioneering aviator. He began writing ‘The little Prince’ during World War-II, after Germany’s invasion of France.

The novella starts with the author as a six year old boy who is full of innocence, curiousness and creativeness, which grown up always failed to appreciate in a child. As we grow, the pressures of learning, working and being sensible make us forget the child part of our heart. This book attempts to revive the childhood part of the reader’s lives. This book is a tale of loneliness, friendship, love and other life lessons. 

In his novella, the author has included his own experience as an aviator stuck in Sahara, repairing his broken engine where he also meets the little prince visiting Earth from his home, a small asteroid. Author portrays the dessert as hardship every grown-up goes through in his life; in this arduous journey we forget the flexible child part of our heart. The little prince shares his experience meeting different kinds of person residing on different planets. The author has dissected the general behavior and psyche of different kind of people and the thinking of mankind by portraying them in to different kind of persons residing on different planets.

The little prince meets a business man, who was keeping an account of the stars around him and claiming ownership of the stars, an Astronomer, an old geographer and even a poor Lamplighter. “The Little Prince” reveals that the world conspires to make us blind to its own workings; our real work is to see the world again. Antoine has also given the meaning to why we love something more than the other by using the love between the little prince and the rose.

 One has to shed relentlessness, trepidation, and anxiety to see this world in a different way. When was the last time you have imagined different shapes by looking at a cloud? It is very simple to go and wake up the child in your heart, get in touch with that child in your heart. Only a child can be imaginative enough to survive the hardship of life.

“All grown-ups were once children….but only few of them remember it”

When one reads “The little prince”, one comes to know that the perspective of child, of teenager, of an adult and an old man about life happens to be different just as the perspective of the blind men about an elephant. None gets the whole dimension of life.

Reading “the little prince” is a rich experience of exhilaration and highly rewarding. Little prince is literally a little book but great in popularity and fame.

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