world most populous country china, today all over world looking through the eyes of doubt, main reason of the doubt over the country is that currently pandemic  situation in the world and all countries are suffering economic and social damage, there are various reason here as well, so that even many country do not want but all are seeing the antics of china they looking at china with suspicion, the director general of World health organization Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus meet with china president Xi Jinping at the end of January, Before that WHO ignoring waring form Taiwanese doctor for this COVID, WHO declared the coronavirus a pandemic 11 March even though it had spread globally weeks before.

All the countries are also suspecting that due to a good close relationship between director of  WHO and China president, it was too late to declare Covid an epidemic. US President Donald Trump says that China has hidden information related to Covid and China is not ready to believe that the corona virus has originated from the Wuhan lab and that it has American President Donald trump told in press conference that it has been proved by in the report of his intelligence of us that this virus The virus originated from the lab there after that covid and the American President has held many press conferences related to Covid and China in which US demands compensation from China as financial compensation After this, China categorically denied that it would not pay any compensation amount. After this incident, cold war has come in America and China.

Another reason to be able is that in this state of epidemic, China has given more attention to its business and it has been sold in the affected countries due to corona. Like China was already known that there is to be lacking kits and masks in the whole world.

And in the continent of Asia the border line dispute between India and China in LAC also continues. After this incident, China President has issued orders to his army to be ready for any war. After this, the countries of the world have been divided into two parts, some countries are with China and some countries are with India.

Many countries of the world are opposing this attitude of China in this state of epidemic all over the world. If this continues, it will not take time to convert Cold War to World War 3. World War status is being created due to the aggressive attitude of America and China. So Covid become the world war –III?

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