e-Learning:boon or curse?

In this global pandemic, education system has been one of the worst hit sector. According to UNICEF monitoring over 153 countries have imposed nationwide lockdown and 24 countries are observing local closures which has led to temporary shutdown of all educational institute for uncertain time period. This closure has led to halt learning of almost 98.6% students all over the world. This has totally eradicated traditional teaching methods and has brought concerns for education system.

However, e-Learning has became saviour for the education system as it ensures continuity of learning process. Online learning has become an important lifeline for education, as now world seeks to minimize the potential for community transmission. It enables teachers and students to easily access specialized materials of subject and also ensure proper learning of students through online video lectures conducted by teachers to clear their doubts.

e-Learning has paved way for new strategies in education system which has both likes and dislikes. It just like a coin having both advantages and disadvantages, it has brought up many challenges with it. It is not hidden from everyone that not all have equal access to e-Learning,as it hardly impractical to expect an android phone and the knowledge to use it properly from students belonging to poor family. Many students can’t afford buying android phone and also even many government school teachers lack the knowledge of conducting online lectures.Also there is big issue of proper internet connection in many rural areas which leads to interrupted access to the lectures, which in turn hampers student’s study.

The issues are many, problems are more but still e-Learning is a thing to adore. If there is a problem, there is surely an answer, government should ensure equal access to e-Learning for all students, there must be proper internet connection in the coming future which ensures that future of the country is in safe literate hands. e-Learning has brought a revolution in the field of education which was must to come. It upon us to consider the positive side of the change and make it a boon for us.Thus it is upon to raise our standards and chose wisely whether e-Learning is a boon or curse.stay home stay safe and appreciate the efforts of teachers,educational institutes who are striving hard to ensure continuous learning of students and make the most of it.