The History of Future

Our future is the past of our parents and our children’s future should be our future but it became as the past of our parents.Past is the past but future shouldn’t be the past. Past should make the future but future shouldn’t become past. COVID-19 is making us to picturize our future as past and making us go back to the past.

Past is PASSED and future is PAUSED

Past should become the future but these circumstances are making the future to be the past. The past’s future is present but the future’s future is also becoming the past. People who forget the past will regret because we will again live in the past. Is this a cycle of past-present-future? The past we lived had a future that we are living and called as present but the present we will be living in the future turns out to be past. Past will again see the development that we are going through in the present and the truth is there is no future. The future turned out to be the past and make people believe that there is a near future which takes us to the future. Everytime the future seem to appear as future will always remain as future. The past is termed as future. The future is future and the present cannot see it and past can only feel it. The future will again be the past and we will again think about future and will live in the past. The people who are in present who will give a thought about future will also end up living in past.

we often think of future and end up in living in the present, so called past. The future we think about is past and the present we live about will also become the past before we try to make something to future. People will not be worshipped in future because the moment we worship becomes as past. people who try to make future will not be in future because there is no future.

we always think about past and live in past and dream about past.

Future seems to appear in the present,the moment you realise it,there is nothing you could do. Past is past, present is also past because we always think about past in the present and future is also past because future is only be felt like past. So the past, present and future are past and don’t forget about the fact that we always live in past and think about past and dream about past.So the future in the past is used to express the idea of future which will end up becoming as present where the ideas of past are being realised.Future in the past is same as the past of future.

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