Prioritising the Priority

Todays world , in between all the mess of jobs, relationships, tax pressure and many more issues,has made human more impatient , less empathetic and compassionate .In the chase to achieve success, man has been working since ages with the prior importance to a comfortable life. But in between all the stresses and pain, what unites people and bring back their charm and a feel of relaxing in this busy world is food. With the advancement in the technology and no limit to the boundaries, humans like to have and invest in different cuisine and dishes. The production has seen a significant hike as per the demand of the growing population. But with all this comes a bigger problem, which surely is the wastage of the resource being produced at such a large level. So the main question which arises is why “Food wastage occurs, and what are the causes for the same”.

Forwarding to the problem, the prior question which arises is the areas where the food is wastage at a small or larger level.

1. At functions we usually organize without proper planning.

2.The scenario of the food getting a foul smell due to certain ingredients and the person has no other option to just throw it in the bin, as he can’t eat unhealthy food.
3. People in the term of testing new things or just trying out something new, waste a lot of food or ingredients.
4.May be some scenario of mistake as a result, adding more ingredients as required or adding expired things by mistake, leading to unhealthy and bizarre taste.

5.Last scenario and most important one which is the main cause of wastage, lack of taste. If there’s no better taste in what one is eating, the person would definitely throw it away.

But if we see around ourselves, we would certainly find out places or areas where this food wastage occur more frequently. So the targeted areas where the food gets wasted for sure –

  1. Marriage function or other small or large scale functions.
  2. Hostels, where obviously food lacks taste.
  3. Hotels and banquet halls.
  4. Roadside stalls selling fast food.
  5. And many more areas where people think they have abundance of food as a resource.

But what are the key reasons behind so much wastage, this could include:

  1. Ideal knowledge of one’s ability to eat certain quantities of food, lacks in people. They just gather as much as they can, as a result most of the food just goes in the bin.
  2. Lack of knowledge at certain points of the officials in knowing the quantity of people who would eat or the desired quantity of people is unknown, as a result food is made in abundance and therefore it just gets waste.
  3. Taste, if people do not find the food to be according to their desired taste, then definitely it’s going to be thrown in the bin
  4. And many more depending upon the individuals . But the main area is to focus on the solution. What are desired solutions so as to protect wastage of the most important resource, responsible for our survival. This could surely include-
  1. Maybe next time. Which generally concentrate on not accumulating everything at once and rather shifting to it after the elements already in your plate gets finished.
  2. Having knowledge of one’s ability to know how much one truly eats and what’s going to be wasted. This knowledge is most important and one should always try to analyse oneself and get to understand that particular amount.
  3. Testing at the minimum – this is another approach where if a person doesn’t know the taste and is tiring the dish for the first time, then the individual should select a minimal amount so as to get the taste and decide whether to take it further or not, so as to prevent the wastage.
  4. Giving the cook or chef prior knowledge about the quantity of people who would be coming in certain functions or in hotels, so that they have an idea what quantity of food they should make per head so as to prevent wastage as well as loss of money.
  5. Taste – the taste should be the prior. Importance which must be given so that the individual who’s eating is also happy and no wastage of food occurs.
  6. Believing in humanity. – Even if the food gets spare, instead of just throwing it away try saving it for the next day or if quantity is more, just collaborate it and provide it to the needy one.

There are a lot number of solutions which could be done to save the essential resource responsible for our survival
Just need is to be the starting point and collect all the dots and whole connecting all the dots, reach the finish line, helping the needy in getting the essentials and saving humanity for the sake of humanity

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