Rana Ayyub Shows Rebellious Journalism Amidst Unprecedented Crisis

If there is anybody who is ‘heroic’ and at the same time fights against the patriarchal odds without any loosely-held strain, the credit must fairly go to Rana Ayyub who on and off the field is seen extending her arms wide out to support underprivileged communities of India.  

When the entire journalist clad retained tight-lipped traits on system’s only constructive purpose persisting sheer malpractice, Rana stood her ground hundred feet high to assure millions of voices unheard were attended to.

Over the past few months, when the pandemic’s Covid-19 cases soared high risking several lives, Rana rather took a giant leap to risk her own life to provide assistance to slum-dwellers with over 100 plus ration kits.

Rana has been criticized by unpopular citizens due to her active role as an ethical whistleblower. The latter engagingly accentuates the variety “plates of truth” and reality about the government’s insensitive gimmicks and activities in order to suppress the citizens of the country. However, this can be noticeable as the famous patriarchal phrase United we stand, divided we fall known to have cheerfully faded away chunk by chunk. 

Even though the momentous lockdown saw a major loophole in the system, several activists had to pay a hefty price for whose bravery was caught up by challenging the ongoing social injustice which was mastered by the government time and time again. It is Rana Ayyub who held her ropes firm for humanity.   

The 36-year-old journalist famously penned down a book loosely based upon Gujarat riots which took place in 2002. Her brave book ‘Gujarat Files: Anatomy of a Coverup’ have gained her much deserved claps. 

The latter has been accoladed with several awards and gathered fondness for her craft among International personalities. Rana is the only Indian journalist who had been called out by Times Magazine as one of ten global journalists whose life is majorly under threat. 

Apart from Rana Ayyub’s courageous journalism, she often turns the victim to right-wing trollers and horrific threats.