TickTime : The revolutionary Pomodoro device

It is simple to use, efficient, and the most effective tool when it comes to work from home. This is the world’s best Pomodoro timer which you can use for your remote office. But it comes with a high price of $39 for its IndieGogo launch, and it rises to $59 upon reaching retail. So, you might be wondering what this device is about. Well, it can be used to boost up your Pomodoro technique for effective learning or working purpose.

It can be utilised effectively only by dedicated pomodoro users. If you are looking for a better way to manage your work as well as your studies then there is no better way than TickTime.

What is Pomodoro technique?

This technique is basically breaking up of a large task into smaller pieces. It works on the principle that if a large task is broken into smaller chunks then those chunks become easier to manage subtasks. You work on a task for a complete 25 minutes and your work is being tracked by a kitchen timer which is tomato-shaped device known as Pomodoro timer. This is how the method got its name.

Pomodoro timers are a bit annoying as they produce an audible tick sound every second relentlessly. If you can’t handle repetitive sounds then it becomes impossible for you to concentrate on your work while the timer is running. Moreover, a variety of timer devices have been launched in the markets such as Digital kitchen timers, TimeCube plus, and the latest, the TickTime.

Why other such devices or apps suck?

If you are looking for an app that works as a personal assistant then it is not a good option. This is because constantly checking your phone means also to look up the notifications which can lead to distractions from your work. You might also stream netflix as well instead of working. Also if you share work space with someone who demands complete silence then such annoying noise producing devices won’t help. Eventually, you just need a better alternative that is distraction free and simple to use.

If you are familiar with the Pomodoro method, then you might be already using the Pomodoro timer. But, for those who are not using it, it is a productivity management system, perfectly working for those who are working from home.

Features of TickTime:

  • It has a high-quality build made up of strong components of plastic and aluminum. It’s prism-shaped outer jacket is composed of aluminium. A blue LED shines through inside the prism when it is turned on. It also has a gyroscopic tensor which determines at which angle the device is tilted.
  • On one side there is a hexagonal plastic face, where a blacklit color LCD screen is embedded. It displays that how much time is remaining and a digital counter.
  • It has 4 buttons : a pair of volume-up and volume-down and a minute-up and minute-down. The device is turned off or on by pressing the volume-up and volume-down buttons together. The timer buttons are used to set granular timers.
  • It is dead simple to use TickTime. You just need to turn it on by pressing the volume-up and volume-down buttons at the same time. Then put it on a flat surface by setting the desired time numeral facing upwards. It immediately becomes counting down. It has two modes: Distraction free mode and Normal mode. In distraction free mode, the timer shuts off its LCD display and itself begins counting down. In normal mode, timer counts down from one of its pre-sets, or custom timers.
  • Talking about its battery life, it does not shut off automatically, although it drops itself into a low power condition when it is not in use in certain period of inactivity. When compared to a smartphone’s battery life, it is not bad. When you run a timer app all day long in your phone, at the end of the day it would be left with a little life. But compared to other dedicated timers such as TimeCube or Digital kitchen timers, the battery life is poor.


  • It is expensive. For $59, you can buy two of the cheaper timer cubes. It may not be portable or well designed as TickTime, but it is capable of doing the same thing.
  • It could have used more pre-set times. It does not have enough faces to be as flexible as an analogue pomodoro timer. Yet we can manually set the time by using the minute up and seconds up buttons, for someone who wants to set a 99 minute timer, it requires hitting its buttons 99 times, an absurd amount of button pressing.
  • It was Crowd funded. This TickTime has already been successfully funded and is in production.
  • It has short battery life in Normal mode. But, when used in a distraction-free mode, battery life is significantly increased.
  • Its battery is not replaceable. It has typical lithium-ion battery which may last for around 1000 charges before it dies.
  • It has no pause feature while some of its competitors include pause feature in them.
  • It is always flashing blue light. If you find Blue Light distracting, then this device is not for you.

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