A wandering mind

Sitting in the room for hours staring at the ceiling fantasising about a handsome and charming prince riding on his white unicorn amidst the forest surrounded by tall dark green trees and a castle at the top of the hill with fairies and kings , that’s how we girls used to daydream about our lost Prince Charming , no wonder he is still lost in the woods riding on his unicorn , no sign of his arrival. Well I don’t think so, that kids of this modern period fantasise about such bizarre things because they need to step out of their virtual world, they need to work on their brains instead of working hard on their makeup(just my tip of living a good life). I am an old school girl who loves to day dream( not about my Prince Charming but about how I can built a successful career and earn money). So that’s why I am writing this article about daydreaming , about my favourite hobby.


The Illusionary world

What should I name it as ? Hallucination, misinterpretation, imagination, dream, fantasy etc etc. I would call it as an ‘escape from reality’ stepping into an astonishing world, where you can turn yourself into a famous personality or you can owe a big house or imagine a place with mountains and animals where you have no war, no new virus, no politicians but only the things which reflect happiness. Sleeping dreams and daydreams are similar because they are an expression of wishes and fears. And the difference between dreams and daydreaming is that daydreaming can be brought under control but sleeping dreams occur naturally even if you remember them or not.


Perks of daydreaming

A fact that has been known recently is that humans spend upto thirty three percent of their waking hours of day dreaming . There are important reasons and facts that why scientists think that daydreaming is good for oneself:

  • It relaxes you
  • It keeps from dieing from boredom
  • It motivates you
  • It is a part of the human mental progress.
  • It’s also very useful for controlling anxiety and phobias.
  • Boosting productivity is another factor of daydreaming. Studies also suggest that when a person allows himself a few minutes to daydream, it may put you in a much better mood allowing you to continue your work in a better way.
  • It helps you to boosts your sense of creativity and achievements.

The beauty of daydreaming is that ‘nothing is impossible’ and lonely people or introverts day dream more compared to the other people because it is like meditation , it allows your mind to take a break. A daily dose of daydreaming heals the heart, soothes the soul ans strengthens the imagination. -Richelle E.Goodrich


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