Coronavirus is the worst pandemic in the history of world. Due to coronavirus, some businesses have prospered and some have gone down. Many people suffered losses due to the lockdown that happened because of coronavirus.

Most of the businesses like sanitizer making industry, ration shops, medical shops, online businesses, online gaming apps, online streaming apps(like netflix, prime video) online study, online fitness, mask making industry and many more. Many businesses like marble, textile, printing press, cab services, restaurants, hotels, clubs and many more.

Hand sanitizer industry, mask making industry and hospitals prospered the most as sanitizer is a main ingredient to fight against covid-19 and also mask making industry. Hospitals played a crucial role in treating the patients of covid-19 and they took a huge risk of their lives to treat them.

Education is affected the most by this pandemic. US has closed all the schools and universities for a period of 1 year. And in India still there is no news about when the colleges are opening and etc. Many classes have been promoted directly to next class.

This is the worst pandemic in the history of world as due to this many of the countries GDP has gone down and the countries are facing severe financial crisis.

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