Making everyday as environment day

As we all know that, World Environment Day is celebrated every year, to encourage awareness and action for protection of environment. But Why to celebrate environment day on this day only, why not everyday?

Our environment is deteriorating day by day. Our water bodies, air, land is so much polluted. There are lot of garbage are present on our roads. In water bodies too garbage and chemical from the factories is present. The cases of deforestation and animal hunting are increasing day by day due to which the whole food chain is disturbing. Pollution present in air also causes acid rain which leads to many skin problems. Pesticides used in our crops leads to health problems in animals as well as humans.

These are only some of the issues which is showing that our environment is deteriorating. There are endless issues. So there is a need to look upon ways to save our environment. So it is necessary to celebrate everyday as environment day so that we can regularly do something to save our environment.

At our personal level too we can take some small steps which may lead to big changes towards saving our environment.


  • Do organic farming in your home – Start organic farming in your home. Try to grow small fruits and vegetables at home which can be easily grown in home. Use organic wastes like used tea leaves, leftouts of vegetables and fruits etc as manure. This will have many benefits. First you will get some vegetables which are fresh and free from fertilizers. Second, your waste gets reduced which helps in lowering your daily waste.
  • Use bicycle instead of cars – While going for shopping or some place which is near to your house, use bicycle instead of cars. It will keep you healthy and also save petrol or CNG which reduce air pollution.
  • Use bucket for bathing – Use buckets instead of showers. It will help to reduce our water consumption.
  • Use of cloth bags instead of plastic bags- For shopping, use cloth bags instead of plastic bags. In many states government banned the usage of plastic bags but still the consumption of plastic bags is there, it didn’t end if everyone don’t start banning the use of plastic from their own life. So every individual should try to change their habits at their own level.
  • Reduce, Reuse and Recycle – These are 3R’s which are really helpful in waste management. We can reduce waste consumption by reusing the things. Leftouts of fruits, vegetables and tea leaves could be used as organic manure. Plastic and glass bottles can be reused to store water or ad pots. Paper consumption can be reduced if we work using phone and laptop. Recycling is also an option. We can recycle milk plastic bags, glass bottles, paper etc so that they can be reused.

These are only some steps. We can think of many other steps like reducing electricity consumption by switching off lights for sometimes, reduce the use of ACs, planting trees.

The main thing is, it is necessary to understand that is our planet. Just like it is our duty to clean our home, work for development of our home, similarly it is our duty to clean and work for the development of our planet too. If we all take small steps at our individual level, then definitely we will able to make our environment clean and green and a better place to live.

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