An aspect of education field that everybody is concerned about today is conduct of exams. It is a fact that during Pre-Covid scenario all the policies that were framed never took into consideration such a worldwide spread of a virus that could have ever caused such a mass scale shut down and lock down of almost everything productive. Survival became the first priority over everything.

Almost all the industries were halted and were forced to stop the production; many businesses that boasted of strongest policies were grounded and incurred heavy losses, which would take a long time here after to rejuvenate. As the world was inventing methods to face this crisis that has been caused by a small virus, student population suffered both the ways due to physical shut down of schools and colleges and psychologically due to pressure of exams.

The academic year was about to get over and the entire education system was unprepared for any such eventuality, an haphazard bombarding of online classes began without giving a second thought to the ground condition of the students. Probably that was the best that could have been given to them under the special conditions that arose due to break of Covid-19 pandemic.  

It is a matter of great pride that our teachers thought about the well being of the students and conducted online classes with considerable number of students getting benefited out of the entire exercise. We need to understand that students represent entire society including those who are residing in remote areas with very few means of communication and medical facilities.

We all are stuck at a point wherein the conduct of examination for the academic year 2019-20 has become a bone of contention amongst the intellectuals. Though the stakeholders are trying to solve the situation, they too are finding it difficult to come up with a concrete solution. Pre-Covid scenario too, we all were concerned about conduct of examination, pressure on students and different psycho-social problems arising out of exam pressure.

The question of conducting exams can be solved by University Grants Commission (UGC), by arriving at a solution that is applicable to all and provides cover to the students, teachers and the institutes running the courses of instruction.

Government has relaxed certain rules for the lock-down 5.0. However, it is a matter of concern that the number of cases has increased since last three days and biggest one-day rise has been reported on 05 June 2020. It can be concluded that there is lot to be done to improve upon the condition caused due to spread of Covid-19.

Do we have the answer to the questions raised by students about reach and conduct of exams by the Universities and its affiliated colleges ?  At present it is not affirmative. Keeping in view the situation all students across the country can be given options to either opt for exams or accept promotion based on certain minimum criteria. Those who feel that they could score better can definitely be given a chance to improve their scores in the exams.

The UGC should put the welfare of the students above the mere conduct of examinations as a routine. A onetime unanimous decision in the interest of the entire student fraternity for the exams will certainly add to the productivity and give a new dimension to the rigorous culture of conduct of examinations that has developed and became rigid with the passage of time.