Time to be strong in this Pandemic

Covid-19 pandemic has led to the feelings of anxiety among people. The lifestyle will lived, the routines which we were following, and the expectations that we had created, all have been replaced with uncertainty. This global pandemic is not only unprecedented but harrowing. This has made us face new realities of life. Most of us are also grieving over the losses of our loved ones. People are spending time to manage their daily lives by taking care of their parents, children, dealing with stress of various kinds and adjusting into this new sort of life. The stresses related to Covid-19 is likely to create negative feelings such as anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder and depression. It has been researched that the people who are mentally strong may behave well through adverse experiences. The following steps may help you to to face the new challenges in a strong manner. Also, you can reduce the mental health issues related to Covid-19. Further, the mentally strong people may develop post-traumatic growth versus post-traumatic stress symptoms. Post-traumatic growth is considered as a positive psychological change inside the human body. We are also well aware of the basics, such as developing daily habits of exercise and connecting with our social supports using social media.

Below are the steps that one can follow to develop mentally strong responses to this crisis:

Limit media exposure

It has been found in the research that a person can respond to a crisis in two states. The first is how they were living in their own lives before the crisis, being vulnerable. The next is how much news they have consumed in the crisis period.

The social media can activate, “fight or flight” responses, which can lead to traumatic stress in the people. It is the quality of the mentally strong people to limit their news intake. They chose reliable and responsible media. Also, they prevent exposure to distressful images being shown in the news.

Focus on self-care

Mentally strong people tend to focus on self-care and they can easily adopt new routines. As we know that gyms are closed nationwide, they have chosen other alternatives such as running, biking, walking, yoga, while being socially distanced. They are increasing their connections with their family members and friends, along with having a good sleep and hygiene.

Focus on facts

Researchers say that we all have three states of mind, emotional mind, a wise mind and a rational mind. Our emotional mind is the place where emotional situations are handled, the rational mind, where facts prevail and the wise mind is a blending of the two. It is a natural habit of being emotional during crisis but we should consciously move to a rational mind by considering facts and figures. In this way we can decrease unnecessary negative states.


Meditating daily in the morning has its own advantages. These are reduced stress, anxiety reduction, depression is decreased, also an improved emotional health and well-being. Studies have found that the people who are following meditation since long term are able to return to the state of calm at a quicker rate than non-meditators after being exposed to stressful stimuli.

Careful choice of the leaders to follow

Mentally strong tend to follow those people who have healthy leadership skills and are mentally fit. It is psychological harmful and confusing to watch leaders who argue publicly and misinterpret the facts and figures.

Display self-compassion for lack of productivity

It may be a self or social pressure to “be productive” while being at home since we have got a lot of time. But, you can ask a question to yourself, “Is it reasonable to be productive when we are at war?”. Infact, we must understand that it is obvious to lack focus, concentration and have overwhelming feelings during such crisis. We cannot reach a higher level of the pyramid without having a strong foundation. The mentally strong people are able to realise that when their safety needs or psychological demands are threatened in such a pandemic, they don’t have to put much pressure on themselves to produce effective results.

Accept the feelings as normal

Mentally strong people accept their feelings as normal because they understand that it is the time for both collective trauma and personal trauma. Individuals must understand that having feelings such as hopelessness, anger, anxiety and sadness are normal because the information is too overwhelming to process at once. People are facing a lot in this pandemic like losing a job, homeschooling children, and the inability to attend a funeral or see a loved one. But, it’s the time to stay calm and composed and wait for the right time to perform actions.

At last, stay safe and be mentally strong.