Why Indoor Plants Are Important During And After Covid-19

We all have to survive these trying times. Let alone thinking about ’lifting the lockdown’. Now, that seems to be a far-flung liberation, measuring these several months. Well, who would have ever thought, some virus would wreck our boats so hard?

In 2020, surrounding ourselves with nature seems neccessary, and the fact that we tend to look down upon the idea of going unabridged green . Living in the era where a pandemic can take several lives at the drop of a hat seems an undigestible fact.

However the scenerio raises several questions of our current livelihoods and the toxic environment that we keep our foot in. And just because nature is god-gifted, that doesn’t mean we over-exploit it. With the rise in natural calamities and unprecented levels of global warming, it’s time to give nature back what it had initially offered more than 100 decades back, we must now give nature first priority.

We did survive in percentages and big percentages staggering on the rope of hope, will this ever end? How will normalcy look like after all these abnormal months of hustle? and an enormous bottles of stress? 

Coming down to the serious matter, we have unintentionally made toxic air enter our humble abodes almost every day. But, due to the virus, we became enlightened, more careful and responsible individuals. Sometimes, I feel we deserved this as a reminder that we have exploited beautiful nature and the green environment. 

Here are some reasons why you must plant more plants during and after the coronavirus :

Plants keep you healthy 

We always stress about going vegan, but always neglect the importance of indoor plants. Let’s make this lockdown a healthy environment to live in and surround ourselves with healthy and toxic-free air. 

Keep you fresh 

Plants have the powerful ability to keep people and their surroundings fresh. You don’t need chemicals to refresh your home. Plants do their thing alone.

Give you fresh vegetables and fruits 

A lot of people have grown juicy and fresh fruits and vegetables indoor. It’s free from any external chemicals that are sold in the markets. What more than being a vegetable and fruit vendor of your own? 

Workspace greenery

Lot of times we tend to relish ourselves in sheer exhaustion and run out of ideas to create impactful content for the audience. But, think about the factors if your workspace is surrounded by plants? It will certainly bring peace of mind and your boss won’t have to axe you the minute you make a dreadful mistake. 

That is the power of plants, ever wonder why yoga-gurus are often surrounded with unrelenting greenery? In order to practice their profession? Plants are self claimed to bring peace and calmness and fill the atmosphere with much required optimism.

Or perphaps you can turn your entire office into a beautiful boquet of green and whites, keeping up with the latest color trends that spark green. And when you talk about luncheon, replace your favorite chicken or meat balls with vegan food, then it will somehow make sense and bring some honesty to our livelihood.

Just following the trend of getting your workspace green is not all what you should wish for, colors brighten up the day and soothens the nights but our diets feed our brain daily. And vegetables are the purest form of soul foods that we need in order to stay healthy, fresh and glowing.

Indoor Plants

Lot of people, in fact the millennials with undying privileges underestimate keeping indoor plants, they are by far the usefull resources for human beings in order to contain a healthy survival. Indoor plants not only keep your surroundings with a sense of calmness but also lets you access fresh air.
Indoor plants brings out healthy and clean air inspite of our window shield closed at our comfort of our homes.

And once more  your indoor plants shower you with red roses? This in turn can become the best valentine gift for your loved ones. You don’t need to walk around all decked up to hunt for a restaurant which has a table filled with red roses and airy wind. So much can be done with indoor plants all at once.

You can either wrap your head around with florals or aromatic petals or apply the texture on your skin, but first grind the flowers in the mixture. And what else? Some people also eat flowers and plants. We are still new to this idea.

Need For Indoor Plants After Covid-19 
It is tough to cope up with quarentine crisis, and these times can only teach us the need of hour, (plants, plants and more plants). The reason we have encountered the unpredectible rise in covid – 19 cases is because of the maddening experiments we are primarly risking the nature  into. Hence, there are million trees being washed out rather for commercial use or personal use, we are designing the new toxic air for all beings living on this earth.

Just imagine if deforestation had zero presence in real life, and sick patients would have been breathing fresh air, there would be no place for gas factories oozing poisonous subtances out in the open air, in short, indoor plants is all we need to set our humble abode distancing from such expensive and scripted world’s systems.

work from home with green surroundings
Now, do we realize that we must be able to invest our mind, body and soul into nature? And we somehow lack the courage to accept that we must collectively work together to bring a “green world”. Work from home has become a passionate trend for all, we must remind ourselves that we bow down to soil and paddle our feets on the mother earth, so why take advantage of the same mother earth that breathed lives out of us? Let’s plant more trees and baby plants and all plants in general.

Let’s make a call to keep our environment toxic-free and full of bliss. We can not only unsolicitidly invite and connect optimistic energies in our homes while working but also provide their holding space, an exquitsite flavour to it, maybe you can place your plants in an alluring decoration and fill the jar with a pop of color to make it more vivid and lively. Or just give the holding container an angular shape. The greenery call is all yours.