World Environment Day!

“The proper use of science is not to conquer nature but to live in it.” – American biologist , Barry Commoner

Biodiversity is the foundation that supports all life on land and below water. Being environmentally conscious is integral to our society and we must encourage all to protect our ecosystem and biodiversity as it creates a balance for both the nature and humans to thrive. The vital element for survival – water, clean air, food are under great threat today. Hence it is essential for us to nurture and to sustain our environment.

Today we celebrate World Environment Day to celebrate biodiversity and to raise awareness on the importance of sustaining our environment. It is also a reminder for us to be more mindful of our surroundings, and that we are have to conserve nature not only for the present , but also for the future generations to come.

Earth is our home and we must make efforts to keep it clean and green. On this Environment Day, let us pledge to make a cleaner and greener environment, protect our bountiful biodiversity and help our planet stay healthy . Ways to improve and save the environment include:

1.Committing to educate people about reusing and recycling products , usage of renewable resources and move towards a clean green world.

2. Individual efforts can make a big difference so gift yourself a Tree and inspire your generation to plant more Trees .

3.Be energy efficient and reduce the consumption of resources and fuels that are exhaustible and depleting the quality of our environment.

4.Deforestation and trafficking of wildlife have increased contacts between humans and animal pathogens, provoking outbreaks and other diseases. So let’s pledge to no more deforestation, no more extraction of fossil fuels, no more wildlife poaching, no more biodiversity loss, no more extinction.

5. Keep our surroundings clean and pollution-free.This not only saves our environment but improves our quality of life.

6.Reducing the usage of paper and plastic. Minimize the usage of plastic bags and keep your energy focused on finding greener solutions and products.

7.Saving water and raising awareness about the implementation of rain water harvesting.

8. Food wastage is one of the main contributors in increasing the carbon footprint. Hence avoid food wastage and begin composting whenever possible.

9. Involve in ecological preservation activities and spread awareness among people. Empower them to become active agents of sustainable development and nature conservation.

10. Implement methods to diminish carbon impression and move towards a maintainable future.

11.Save electricity by switching off lights when unnecessary.

12. Reduce the usage of harmful fertilizers and pesticides which cause damage to the soil. Encourage organic farming.

The environment is our collective responsibility. It takes little effort to induce the difference and we all must do our bit to conserve our nature . We may be physically apart but we can still raise our voices together for our mother nature and commit to safeguard our planet by combating climate change and preserving biodiversity . Lets invoke and imbibe the correct measures for a healthy planet and join hands for a better environment.

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