Alarming disappearance of play from Children’s life

Play is the important part of child’s life. Play enhances the child’s physical, social and cognitive skills. Through play children learn many skills like cooperation, language etc. It also helps to clear the egocentric stage in early ages. In childhood the major learning happens through play only.

But in present time, play is somewhere disappearing from the children’s life. There are many reasons for that. Some parents don’t send their children to play due to security reasons as today parents don’t have time to sit in the park where the child is playing so that they can take care of the child. In some places there are not proper spaces where the child can play. Some parents think that by playing they are wasting their time. And they should utilise their time by studying apart from going outside and play. Due to advent of technology too, children nowadays prefer to play video games and use mobile rather that going outside and play.

All these things have a greater impact on children’s mental and physical health. Playing outside keeps them healthy and also help in their mental growth. While playing children use many concepts which they learn in theories like counting, conservation, usage of language and so on. While playing children learn how to cooperate with peers, how to understand others perspective, they learn to solve problems of their own. They acquire confidence to talk to so many people. It is the platform where they can, not only make mistakes but can also learn from their mistakes. But our parents and teachers didn’t understand this. According to them bookish knowledge is the knowledge child should have and this only help them to become a successful human being. According to Leo F. Buscaglia “It is paradoxical that many educators and parents still differentiate between a time for learning and a time for play without seeing the vital connect between them.”

Parents and teachers should understand that play is equally important for child as the study. If they don’t play they lack many abilities or develop it later. So it is necessary that we encourage children to play with their peer group. Parents and teachers should include play time in the child’s schedule like all other activities through which they can enjoy as well as learn and properly live their childhood.

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