The book is written by Ashlee Vance. He is an award winning feature writer for Bloomberg Businessweek magazine. Vance is also the host of the “Hello World” TV show. Previously, he worked for The New York Times and The Register. He has spent more than a decade covering the technology industry from San Francisco and is a noted Silicon Valley historian.

The book captures the life and achievements of South African interpreter and innovator, Elon Musk, the brain behind series of successful enterprises such as PayPal, Tesla, SpaceX and Solarcity. The real-life inspiration of the Iron Man Series, Musk wants to be the saviour of the planet, send people into space and set up a colony on Mars.

Elon Musk was born on June 28, 1971.Elon Musk went to Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, and then transferred to the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia.

Elon Musk cofounded the electronic payment firm paypal and founded the spacecraft company spaceX He became chief executive officer of the electric-car maker Tesla. He alsoserved as an inspiration for Marvel’s 2008 “Iron Man” film.

Musk has gained a reputation for being an extremely hard worker. With his morning routine out of the way, he jumps straight into an 80+ hour work week.

He has two key companies that he dedicates most of his time to – SpaceX and Tesla.

Musk works at SpaceX on Mondays and Fridays. Sometimes, he’ll also spend a portion of Saturday working at the company. However, he packs a lot into those days. Some estimate that Musk works at SpaceX for about 40 hours every week. That’s the same amount of time that most people work for a whole week. Musk packs that into two or three days.Musk is chairman of the Musk Foundation, which states its purpose is to provide solar-power energy systems in disaster areas as well as other goals.In Iron Man 2 (2010), Musk met Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr). in a restaurant, and had some brief lines regarding an “idea for an electric jet.”In 2016, Musk co-founded Neuralink, a neurotechnology startup company to integrate the human brain with artificial intelligence. The company is centered on creating devices that can be implanted in the human brain, with the eventual purpose of helping human beings merge with software and keep pace with advancements in artificial intelligence. His early interest in reading philosophy, science fiction, and fantasy novels is reflected in his sense of idealism and concern with human progress. He aims to work in the areas he has identified as crucial to our future, specifically the Internet, the transition to renewable energy sources, and space colonization. With his work with PayPal, Tesla Motors, SolarCity, and SpaceX, he has defied critics and made advances in all three of these frontiers.

Musk’s determination, his unwillingness to take no for an answer. “You can achieve virtually anything you want — if you’re willing to hear no often enough,” a very smart person once told me. Musk has encountered that dreaded two-letter word many, many times, it seems, without allowing it to slow him down at all.Musk brings an intense degree of focus to the task at hand. 

Musk’s determination, combined with his intense focus and ability to learn subjects very deeply, explains why he’s as successful as he is. That’s something we can all learn from.