Heroic cops amid lockdown

When the world is facing such an extreme crisis in fighting against COVID, there are heart-winning cops who are not only bringing hope in humanity but are also becoming role models, their commendable work is so inspiring that even every individual will be energized to devote towards the well being of people.

Lawyer with an irregular prosthetic leg got a helping hand. It all began when Carol Jagtiani’s prosthetic leg broke. She is a lawyer by profession. As it was impossible to reach the clinic due to shutdown, her friend suggested asking help from the Mumbai Police which eventually led her to tweet asking for some means of transport facility to reach the clinic. Within the due course of time, she was asked about her contact details, as soon as the department got the details, they arranged a car, picked her up and waited for about 3 hours till she was done and dropped her back home. https://www.instagram.com/p/CAz9m7iBCM6/?igshid=1pae4ww71s1lu “On the way back,
I was so overwhelmed with gratitude, all I could say was ‘Thank you’. But she [the female police]
smiled and said, ‘You take care of yourself and your leg now!’ With that, they dropped me home
and left,” she recalled.
“It was one incident, 3 hours, and not much else — but to me it meant the world. There’s no two
ways about it, in the darkest of our hours, humanity still shines,” Jagtiani added.

Delhi police deliver medicines. Deeksha Chandra, a final year medical student
urges for help from the Delhi cops through tweets mentioning as her uncle was suffering from
neurological disease and was in urgent need of medicines, as she was unable to arrange due to
lockdown. She wrote the name of medicines, and the address asking for help. SHO Madhu
Vihar Rajeev Kumar undertook and managed to deliver the essential medicine. Later
screenshots of the tweets of Chandra were posted along with a thank you note written by
Chandra, by the DCP Delhi police.

Doctors of AIIMS showered flowers on Delhi police. As the threat
of coronavirus enlarges, the police of all over the country are performing intense efforts to
create awareness of the deadly virus and to follow the lockdown measures. A trace of gratitude
was shown on 2nd May by the doctors of AIIMS as they showered flowers on cops for their
immense work in executing lockdown strategies in the
capital. https://twitter.com/ANI/status/1256560294886768642

Cops sleep on the ground after serving hours of duty. Deputy
Inspector General of Police, Arunachal Pradesh, Madhur Verma on Twitter shared a post
showcasing two cops sleeping on the ground after completing their
shifts.https://twitter.com/IPSMadhurVerma/status/1253521640647868416/photo/1 Isn’t a
comfortable bed and an eight-hour sleep such a luxury? Yes, it is… if you are a cop! He wrote.

Mumbai cop back to perform his duty after recovering from
A 29-year-old Mumbai cop who was recently cured of the coronavirus returns
back to work. Mumbai police shared a story on Twitter of a cop aging 29 years old who walked
back from his duty as he was tested positive, finally returns back to his duty after recovery.
The tweet was, “Our 29 year old #CoronaWarrior is back. He is hale & hearty and looks forward
to report back on duty. Welcome back, hero! #AamhiDutyVarAahot #MumbaiPoliceOnDutyMumbaiFirstTakingOnCorona”https://twitter.com/MumbaiPolice/status/1260580971562270721

Not only these, there are many dedicated cops and medical workers who are trying really hard to cope up with this pandemic.

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