Why Youth migrate abroad?


As we all know, youth is the future of any nation and the only can boost the economy of there nation with hard work and full enthusiasm. However, nowadays, around 27 million young people leave their countries of birth to seek employment abroad as international migrants (ILO). Key drivers of youth migration include employment, education, marriage, and escape from poverty, violence, conflict, and environmental change, and more.

Furthermore, in today’s world, there is a trend that more and more people migrate abroad and they do not wont to live in the native country, first of all, the process starts from students, they visit overseas for getting a better education, but when they get to know about the freedom, wast culture, and friendly citizens they never come at the birthplace and they try to become a citizen with the help of government and immigration & citizenship rules, Moreover they also invite their parents to live with them. by considering, that thing the ratio of people in native places is rapidly decreasing, and the government also in a dilemma regarding population migration.

There are some questions about why and what factor fascinating people to migrate :

1)What motivates a young person to migrate?

Young people are the largest group of individuals migrating each year and they do so mainly in search of decent work and better living conditions, education, family reunification reasons. In 2010, some 3.6 million young people were enrolled in tertiary education abroad.

2) Is that true to people make the decision to migrate for work at overseas?

Unemployment, underemployment, low wages, and family poverty are major factors, as is the availability of higher-paying jobs abroad. In developing countries, migrants’ remittances help households cope with poverty, financial crises, and natural disasters. The pressure to migrate will become even stronger because of strong and high income.

3) What are the benefits of migration for countries?

Immigration can fill vacant jobs, overcome skill shortages, and contribute to the survival and expansion of the sectors where firms are hiring migrants. Migrants usually complement rather than compete with similar native workers, and their earnings help boost the economy through investment. Young migrant workers with decent jobs pay taxes and contribute to social security.

There are some point and question you have like:

what are the effects of the birth nation if the ratio of youth migration will continuously boost?

It affects the country where they born, own motherland would lose good doctors, engineers, officers, and this list goes on. it is quite evident that when we lose good things and people, we cannot get them back. moreover, their children get separated from their grandparents and cannot get the love they are supposed to get. they are even not able to speak their mother young, also they get far away from their culture.

All people have to consider, they have one goal to promote their nation at the best level. if I talk about India, India has the highest ration of youth to migrate abroad. if they migrate for work or education, in the future the chances for the growth and progress of India would arise. why people are going abroad and serving people and making their economy more strong by financial and economically, why not serve and put every effort into our host nation and homeland to make motherland more progressive and strong.