“Marvel” Mania

Marvel(studios) movies are a favourite amongst almost all age groups. Be it the characterization of the super heroes whom we hero worship and are die hard fans of the heroes or be it the creativity and the animation or the fact that they invoke amongst us all emotions which strengthens our affectionate and connections with the movie series.

The graph above is an evidence of the audience’s reaction and the attachment which marvel watchers have. Some of the most famous marvel series are Avengers, Iron Man, Thor and Spider Man.

Marvel studios is one of the companies that has the most versatile characters to show from different walks of life, this feature attracts audience to a great extent. They give their actors (movies) a better screen presence and their creativity which is displayed in every movie gives them an edge over the others.

Their story lines are super extravagant and their strong heroes and heroines always make the story more attractive and inspire us. Marvel movies constantly awaken emotions within us which builds up a connection between the audience and the movie. According to a source it creates 80% emotional engagement amongst its viewers e.g.-Ironman(series) has gained some die-hard fans especially the hero tony stark ,he had left us all in tears when he took his life to save the others in the movie Avengers: Endgame, we will never forget Tony Stark.

The statistics above in the graph clearly states how Avengers especially End game is reigning at the top. One of the main reasons why the series touched our hearts was because of the fact that it brought all of the amazing characters together in one platform and created a big family whom we can idealize & glorify and also because of the attractive visuals and the storyline.

Marvel has created gems out of actors who were underestimated or were not the most popular film stars in town, by giving them a chance he has allowed then to shine their true light and also has given its audience the best actors to look up to and hero worship. Many actors who were struggling became well known film stars overnight as Marvel brought out their true potential on screen.

The diverse and captivating movie series it has to offer to its viewers is one of the points which makes it always stand at the top of the list, be it Spider man, Iron man, Fantastic Four or even Guardians of the galaxy it offers the viewers a variety of characters to look up to be it their striking personality or their witty and charismatic appearances or even beguiling and ravishing characteristics of the characters. It makes even the unattractive and ugly characters look enchanting   and desirable and turns them into heart stealers. And it’s given an equal platform to the female super heroes as well e.g.-Black Widow or Jane Foster.

The fact that it allowed the heroes from different walks of life to come together in one movie series(avengers) which created multiple relationships and also crated rivalry between antagonists, added more audience to its cup .The creativity which the movie offers is spectacular, the kind of movies which marvel creates have an edge over other thriller/superhero movies.

Marvel vs DC will always be an ongoing debate in the long run, even though DC is at the top when it comes to their animated movies and tv series. Marvel will always reign with the first rank because of positive audience reviews and variegated characters it has to offer.

Marvel has gone out and about and taken a step out of the monotonous box to offer its viewers some of the best content in the form of thrilling and appealing movies. In the long run it’s going to be tough for any production house or studio to surpass it or even compete with it.

Abdhi Upadhyay

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