“Understanding Our Oceans”

Human and it’s bonding with nature has helped him to understand various aspects and secrets hidden in it. Nature has some how been more powerful than the abilities of man and has tested his patience at regular intervals. But our environment has most oftenly provided with the resources which has helped the dynasties to follow up. Human has been moving to places since ages in search of better good and cleaner water to drink. And water being one of the most essential item for the survival has not let itself down, instead has helped human in anyway it could be it as a thirst remover or helping out with food to eat.

On the occasion of “Ocean Day” Which is usually celebrated every year on “8th of June”, we will acknowledge how benefitted we are by these water resource, how are these getting affected day by day and what initial steps can we take to save it and help remain it clean.

Oceans and other water resources have often helped humans to survive either helping through drinking source or travelling or even providing food in hard times. But other than this:

1.These have been a greater source of oxygen generators and helping out in dumping the emissions of carbon dioxide. Thus helps in maintaining the adequate oxygen level for all living beings to live.

2.Moreover it also helps to maintain the temperature of the earth or in simple words it helps in regulating the climate conditions and helps in maintaining a balance of hot and cold environment around the globe.

3.But one of the greatest benefit to human is that oceans and areas near oceans or sea are a good place to enjoy holidays or weekends and trips. It not only freshes the mood of individuals but also gives them a close touch to nature and it’s essence of calmness. People usually perform various water activities, like jet skiing, under water Coral visit, sometimes even swimming also and alot more.

4.Other than all these, it is a good source of sea food generation and people widely invest in eating these cuisine. And many more benefits of it.

But in today’s era, we humans are not really taking care of these resources and rather are deteriorating the quality of these, which truely is affecting oceans, life in it and therefore ourselves also. So the major things which are deteriorating the quality are:

1.Throwing of plastic and things made of plastic in it.

2.Releasing out wastage of the cities or nearby areas into it.

3. Melting of glaciers , leading to rise of water levels and thus a major threat to cities around these oceans. This is due to increasing temperature of earth due to emissions of carbon content.

4.And a lot many things which are making these resources dangerous.

But what can be done and initials steps can be taken to protect these very important resources from getting degraded:

1. The prior is to limit the usage of plastic and things made of it.

2. Cleaning of beach, so that the waste around it does not get mixed up in the ocean when the waves come by.

3.Limit the carbon content being released in the atmosphere every day, by shifting to sustainable form of energy and reducing the use of energy sources emitting these harmful gases.

4.During having a tour around the ocean, never threw any waste out in these pure resources.

5. Understand the importance of marine life and also these oceans and thus aware yourself and others around you to protect these resources.

So the reason to celebrate Ocean day is to aware every one about the importance of these essential component of our earth and showcase how these resources play an essential role in our day to day life and this is surely a way to thank these and make sure to protect them from any kind of mistreatment.

But what people usually do on ocean day. The activities mainly include:

1.People conduct and connect with various awareness campaigns for protecting this resource.

2. Most people conduct clean up drives, which are mainly concentrated on collection of waste around the beaches and also in the oceans and make sure these remain cleaner.

3.Most people also prefer not to eat sea food on this day.

4.Spend times with their family in the evening discussing about the importance of this resources and key steps to help it remain cleaner.

So the key aspect of “Ocean Day” is to understand the importance of water, how it is an essential component for our survival and how can we help it remain clean and pollution free . But the key point to focus is, the care of oceans or any other water resource must not remain focused on these specific days only and rather much be worked on for each and every day in the calendar and thus protect our earth from

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