Unlock 1: How to keep yourself safe

We all are suffering from a global pandemic i.e., Covid-19 now a days. After 4 stages of lockdown now, we are in the stage of unlock 1. In the lockdown we were relatively safe because we all were at our homes, but now in unlock 1 as most of the places got relaxation, from the shops to religious places, restaurants etc. So our city again become crowded as it was earlier with hundreds and thousands of people and vehicles on road. And as our work places also opened, so we have to go outside for work, and again we have to face the same crowd and traffic and in our office also we are meeting with so many people. So it is necessary to take some precautions so that we can save ourselves from Covid-19.


  1. Always cover your face with the mask while going out. Never use same mask again. Change the mask regular and always keep an extra mask with you.
  2. Always carry alcohol based sanitizer and clean the hand with it frequently or after touching handles, corridors etc.
  3. Avoid public transport as it increase the chances of spread of virus. If you don’t have your own vehicle, try to use auto or cabs.
  4. Carry your own food and water bottle at your work place. Try to avoid canteen food and sharing food with others.
  5. If your are sharing car with your collegues, it is okay that 3 people are travelling in one car but try to avoid AC and keep the windows open. Before carpooling make sure that any of the ppassengers don’t have any symptom of Covid-19.
  6. Make sure that your office is regularly sanitized. All the workers and staff’s temperature should be checked at the entrance and everyone should be sanitized before entering the office premises.
  7. At the work place maintain 1metre distance with others. Avoid face to face with others. Try to use mobile phones for attending meetings or any conversation.
  8. Don’t unnecessarily touch your face, nose and mouth. Sneeze in your elbows or use tissue. Throw the tissue in a covered dustbin.
  9. Do not handshake or hug.
  10. Avoid sharing your belongings with other like towel, pens etc.
  11. If you have any symptom of Covid-19 like headache, sore throat, fever then avoid going out or contact with people. In home also keep yourself quarantined, avoid to come contact with your family members and immediately contact the doctor and get the check up done.

We know that it is very difficult time for all of us. Regularly increasing cases of Covid scaring us. We don’t have any vaccine or medicine for this. So the only way to stop spreading the virus is to take necessary precautions to keep us safe. If we keep us safe then only we will be able to care our family and nation.

So take all necessary precautions and try your best to save you and your family. If we together try we will definitely able to defeat this virus.

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