An Illusion

Lockdown has ended virus has not , Time has changed people have not.

When you felt like that at least for the time being when the entire country was in lockdown no women would have been harassed, tortured and most importantly would not have been raped as people’s focus has been shifted to the virus and they were and are still very busy in saving their own lives. But eventually you realise that you were absolutely foolish and insane to think that when you come across articles stating that NCW has received significantly higher number of complaints in this COVID-19 induced lockdown from women seeking protection from domestic violence not only this a six year old child was raped and blinded by a man in Uttar Pradesh and many more like that. After reading such articles your all hopes will be shattered into such small pieces that you can’t even see them through a microscope and you will realise that what all you have been thinking and imagining was just a perfect example of an Illusion.

Amidst the global pandemic when everything is at its lowest the spirits of ignoble men present in our country is still very high and they haven’t and aren’t missing any opportunity for the fulfilment of their shitty desires which gives them the permission to cross any boundaries like imposing their so called will on a six year old child, beating their wives to release tension. Only god can answer the question that what forces these men to commit such things and from where they get the audacity to do so.

Increased cases of domestic violence in the country clearly shows that some unabashed males of our society are taking full advantage of the lockdown as they are very much convinced that the victims of their brutality can’t do anything in such a situation. They have forced the women in their homes to think that

Violence against women occurs throughout her life but the fact is hard to believe that the men in our country aren’t ready to slow down and they aren’t able to manage their so called virtual ego even in a global pandemic.
Patriarchy coupled with rhetoric of male domination is the soul cause of all what is happening around because it has made the men of our country believe that they are superior to women and they can do anything to show their superiority over them . It has deteriorated their mind-set beyond recognition.

It is a shame for us that in 2020 when the entire world is busy in fighting against the virus the women in our country are forced to think how to save themselves from the virus present inside their own homes in human form .

For how long we are going to be like this ?

For how long the women in our country are not going to feel safe and secure not only outside their homes but also in their own homes ?

How much more time do we need to accept the fact that domestic violence isn’t a private matter it a silent crime which need to be called out whenever seen happening around ?

How much more time does our society need to understand that domestic violence isn’t an act of love ?

How much more time do we need to make the men of our country understand that women are humans not entities which can be treated in the way they like and no matter what the situation is no one has the right to claim superiority over women ?

Do we need infinity to end patriarchy?

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