Anxiety makes you the prisoner of your own mind

What a dreadful night it was, when my body was as cold as ice, I was frozen in the month of may and was constantly shaking with the fear of losing someone. Thinking about that dreadful situation itself gives me anxiety. Coping up with anxiety is not at all easy my friends, it is like climbing up the Mt.Everest with naked feet, where you feel the chills of the cold wind and the hot aggressive waves of heat passing through your spinal cord. Why does this happens, why does the blood pressure dances like a columbus. Why does the brain cells dance like a hippi and why do we feel nervous or tensed as if there’s a war going outside our house and the people will eat us up.

Difference between anxiety and getting anxious

Anxiety is a feeling of nervousness, uneasiness or feeling worried. When I was lying cold in the bed, I was constantly shaking and my mind felt numb, thinking about what will happen next, why is my life like this, should I call out for help, should I share it with the others? But you are not able to do anything at that moment, you just want to stay still for a while, even listening to songs never helps. You just want to be alone with your thoughts because anxiety leaves you lifeless and unhappy. This is what anxiety is, a monster under your bed, which enters in your mind like an unwelcomed guest and creates a havoc in your body.

Feeling anxious is a different thing, it is not constant, it comes according to the situation. Anxiousness is a feeling of distressed, uneasiness or stressed about a particular matter for a short span of time. For example, many of us feel anxious while giving a speech, examination or also at the time of giving an interview. Many of us feel anxious while talking to someone, while stepping out of our comfort zone or even going to the parties. The symptoms remain the same that you will feel cold or sweaty but the condition of anxiety is even worse.

There are various kinds of anxiety disorders and the two of them are:

1.Panic Disorder: It is a state of disorder where you get constant panic attacks and you will feel as if you are in real danger or the world is going to end. It is a feeling of terror and you lose your control over things, over your behaviour. They can occur anytime, anywhere, where a person feels that this is a harmful or dangerous situation and it can cause a panic attack. The symptoms of panic attack are feeling sweaty, having numb toes or feeling hot or cold.

2.Social Anxiety Disorder(SAD): Also known as Social Phobia, it a situation where one has abnormal amount of anxiety and fear of going out and having social interactions or even talking to the strangers. It is a situation where the person feels that he/she is being watched and judged by people. As a result people often avoid going out and do not interact with them. The symptoms can be a rapid heart rate, nausea and feeling sweaty.

How does the society takes it and how should we deal with it?

Mental illness is still a stigma in our society, where people feel anxious about sharing it with others because they feel that the society will mock at them and will never understand their situation. Over the years the word ‘anxiety’ has been thrown around lossely. Society takes it up as a condition of normal stress or tension, but they do not understand the real meaning of anxiety, they don’t know that it is a monster which threatens or blackmails us. But the society will never accept this, they have painted a different picture for themselves regarding ‘anxiety’ and always think that it is not more than stress from which we will get rid of after sometime. We should not focus on what the society thinks, we should focus on our health and fight with this monster inorder to get cured from this mental-illness. We should try to maintain calm and should not panic and try to meditate. Doing regular exercise will help us to get rid of this problem. We should always think positive in every situation and try to stay away from the things that can bring us near to the anxiety. The biggest cure for this problem is that we should share our problems with the person on whom we trust and who will never mock at us, be it family or friends. Society will always try to put you down and will always mock at you and you should always try to ignore them because they are the main reason for anxiety and mental illness. You have to accept that it will take time to get rid of this and have to follow the right steps and the right therapy and accept that you are still a normal person, nothing can disturb your life.