Bombay HC comes to rescue a 70-yr old widow

‌Bombay High Court has recently rescued a 70 year old widow after she was torture by her daughter. The widow was kept under house arrest whose shoulder was fractured and nerves were broken for months. She was kept without any proper medical support and was being tortured physically and mentally. This is so pathetic that if children cannot take care of their parents then at least they must not make their lives a living hell. The judges got to know after talking to the petitioner, that she witnessed serious torture and harassment from her daughter if she went to live at her own flat with the daughter. The bench said that they are not going to pass any order directing the daughter to make some arrangements due to the pandemic and the problems that individuals are facing.

‌ The elderly woman sought eviction under the Maintenance and Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizens Act, 2007 after she was brutally abused by her daughter and her son. But she could not get urgent help or relief due to the coronavirus pandemic. She further claimed that her abusive daughter was in a bad company since long in 1998. She even eloped with her boyfriend who had a criminal background. Later on, she was abandoned by him along with her son. After she returned to her parents place at Lokhandwala and started living there forcibly. She then started harassing both of her parents. She left both of her mother and father helpless and threatened to falsely accuse her father.

‌This must be a lesson to all of us. It is our responsibility to take care of elderly parents. The elderly people are our ancestors. Since they have taken care of our childhood so we need need to take care of them as well. Society today is no longer parent-oriented. Earlier people were living with their children because they were too old to work but now this is not the trend. We notice that the elderly people are moving out of their homes to places that cater to their needs. Such stories about mistreatment of the elderly people are horrifying. According to an activist, many citizens in Delhi had been verbally abused, while 33% of them had been physically abused. This is not just an urban phenomenon that witnesses abusing and abandoning of the senior citizens. This happens in rural India too. The family system is eroding, with the younger generation moving towards the cities along with their spouses and their children to start new life while leaving their parents or grandparents away in rural.

‌People are seeking help from the law to get justice. Things have come to such a situation now, that the old people have to petition the government for care. What kind of life is that? How to overcome this issue? Well, this is so so simple. Today’s youngsters are so busy exploring the new technologies, need to spend some time daily to learn moral values of life, should practice ethical living. They should take out some time to talk to their parents and relatives along with their academics.

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