How news isn’t what we think it is

In todays age, we live in a techno-savvy generation from where we get our every information. And with all that has been happening throughout the world, I think we can all agree that it has been really hard to watch the news. Whenever we open our phones, we go through various apps that provide us with information, such as twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc. But are they really a source of reliable news?

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Think about it whenever one opens their device, they think they are in the know. But are they really, coz these days all news is various people shouting at each other, Trump calling various people bad names and the latest “trends” that modern day celebrities are following. That’s not news, its gossip. While we get a feel that we are up to date with various events that are happening, all that we are taking in is high-fructose bullshit. Because of the competition between various news channels, all they think about these days is TRP. So, the question arises where can we get a nutrient dense news supplement. The answer is local news, be it newspapers, sites or radio. They can be trusted because usually they do not have the funding of a political party or a politically affiliated person. Taking the example of Republic TV, the main anchor Arnab Goswami used to be a major news anchor who got famous due to his unique “style” of handling debates. He was often seen screaming at various correspondents who were called in however, he did that without an inherent bias. As soon as he was scooped up by Republic TV, his entire display of news changed. These days he can be seen showing only the stuff that seems to benefit PM Modi. This was inevitable due to them getting funding from BJP affiliated people. We can see major similarities between fox news and republic tv, both functioning with a mostly right-wing bias. So, one might wonder, if not right-wing, tuning into media houses owned by the left wing should do the trick. But that too is not the case as various reporters within to so called “secular” spectrum have skeletons of their own. One such example is Barkha Dutt, who has often been targeted by people due to her Anti-India ties. She was a reporter during the Kargil war and was responsible for the death of various jawans due to her reprehensible reporting of the locations of Indian troops. She also used the same tactics during the Pathankot and 26/11 attack. She has also been seen supporting Pakistan on various occasion. She has gone so far as to lament the death of terrorist Burhan Wani, calling him the son of a school headmaster. She has shown her true colours on various occasions such as siphoning money through ndtv and commit tax fraud. However due to her political backing and friends in high places where anti-india sentiments are shared, she is often left unscathed from her blatant misuse of power to undermine India.

So, as we can see neither of such channels and media outlets can be trusted. hence the call for unbiased news sources is the need of the hour.

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