Sugar and its impact on health

We always carve to eat something sweet especially after meal or maybe every day. It is common to have sugar carving all day. But do we ever think of the reason behind it. Sugar, is soluble carbohydrate which we all carve for. Reason can be many. But according few health experts sugar cravings may be the result of an essential nutrient deficiency. it is important to notice the psychological and biological reasons that are motivating your sweet tooth for a healthy life style. Sugar sucrose, a disaccharide, made up of two sugars (glucose and fructose) bound together.

Sugar is a base ingredient for centuries and enhancing flavors in many foods we take. It is important ingredient of any baking good or candy, cookies and any kind of dessert we carve for. Sugar magic flavors make food tastier so that we keep coming back and buying more. It is also referred as the bliss point in food industry that means a perfect amount of added sugar to increase the sweetness of a product to just the right level, where it isn’t too sweet but is just sweet enough that we’ll keep coming back for more, is known as the “bliss point” in the food industry.

When people consume sugar, it lite up the mood and activates pleasure center in the brain that makes us feel good. In scientific term a chemical called dopamine gets released, and because of that experience this pleasurable sensation. And that is why we enjoy this feeling to have more and more sugar and seek more sugary items. So, basically it is control of the brain that makes sugar so addictive and hard to give up or in other word one can say that it is brain’s reward.

Sugar is so addictive that many people even after consciously trying to quit sugar have failed and could not leave it. And as wise saying that, excess of everything is bad, Sugar being one the major component of our daily intakes brings a lot of health issues with it. There is a term called hidden sugar that goes for ketchups, BBQ sauces, salad dressings and various other condiments. If taken a closer look at the ingredients of many food item when you shop, like Jam, canned food item, juice, milk products, chocolates and many more are packed with high amount of sugar content in it. A lot of canned vegetables like beans, peas, or tomatoes contain added sugar which sometimes goes unnoticed and can bring many health hazards to person taking them frequently. Also som4 of the vegetables item like organic vegetables doesn’t always mean sugar-free! Some countries even advice eating less amount of sugar and keep the sugar doses at low to avoid health risk. So next time before picking an item from shopping mart ckeck the ingredients and sugar level in to keep check on your health.  

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