The Meaning of Zen

My moment of ‘zen’ is pretty accurate and simple. It is the definition of reading a nice book which brings the most vivid imagination in me, near a seashore tucked with large stones. We often tend to underestimate the power of sitting near the seashore and feeling the cool breeze flush through us. That is the power of being ourselves and to ourselves.

It not only helps to find our true self but also give a nod expanding our vivid imagination. If you ever understand the mere importance of zen, it will improve many lives and feel like dwelling your soul deep into the blue waters surfaced without a single errors.

We must learn to intervene ourselves into the pure form of nature as much as we can. The chirping sounds of beautiful birds or the sound of water droplets making its way on the leaf surface. If we stop ourselves and graze around the unrealistic nature, there is not a single note of error that does not aspire zen.

Believing in oneself and hence depending totally on nature in order to make peace to your mind, body and soul elevates us positively. And once we find the part which causes a slight feeling of distress, it is always the insatiable bite of zen what we crave for. Zen is the synonym of real ‘us’.