2020’s Top 6 Indian Companies

With an ease of economic crisis over the past few years, startups and new businesses seems to be flourishing with time. We have heard about several startups dying without an utterance. But these 2020’s startups has put their best foot forward to help people across the nation.


Wow! Momo, founded in 2008 is a popular food chain that has evolved so much that it has taken over several other food chains catering momos. Wow! provides their speciality in burgers and unique Tibetan food. It’s total funding rounds to $470 Million.


Zomato just like other successful startups has become a synonym for food in general.  It’s overall funding rounds to $755.6 Million.

The Minimalist

If you want to look forward to meeting a top design and consulting agency, then Minimalist is the one to run to. It is one of the most sought-after agencies that help brands accelerate their growth strategy, design, and communication. Founded very recent, Minimalist has carved a niche in creative inventions. 

Ola Cabs

Ola Cabs has taken over the roads with turns of swiftness. We cannot imagine travelling without ola cabs. Its total funding is around $3.8 Billion. 


Nykaa is the perfect destination for women whose beauty needs stop right here. 


POPxo is a widely known digital media venture. They deal with everything from fashion to lifestyle for women. They have outgrown themselves and are constantly on the radar to boost women’s confidence and their overall facade.