Although we are developing in the other sectors but our education system is still not developing. And if we talk about the future of education system, it totally depends on how we are developing our education system at present. If we see our way of teaching and our institution both are lacking in fulfilling student’s needs.

As we know and many psychologists had also proven that good learning depends on how much the child is satisfied with their basic needs and their surrounding environment. But if we look at the facilities present in government and public school, the facility is very poor. Schools don’t have proper drinking water, toilets which lead to droupout of many students especially girls when they start menstruating. Some schools even don’t have proper desks and fans in school. We can sit for even an hour without fan, cooler or AC so, how can we expect these children to study in these conditions.

Apart from that if we talk about the teaching style and the curriculum, there are many things which are lacking in these. In our schools, education means making our children learn or we can se memorize theories and facts so that they can clear exams. Teacher teach them by giving stimulus and the children only have to respond. They condition students to behave in a certain way, where there is no use of mind. So in our schools, children (humans) are taught to memorize and write exams and taught in the same way as animals are taught to do stunts in circus i.e., they just have to imitate. In our schools, the whole focus is on result, teacher don’t even thought about what the child learned and how much he/she improved. There are no spaces where the child can explore, think in his/her own way of responding, doing experimentation, finding reasons and so on.

There is no inclusion in our education system and curriculum. Our education system is very much class or society centred i.e., working for a particular class or society. The languages we use in our classes i.e., Hindi and English are the standardized language which is very difficult for children coming from other background. There is no space for mother tongues in schools. The homework in small classes are usually those in which children need parent’s help or sometime the major or full work is done by parents only. So it creates a lot of difficulty for first generation learner.

Our education system is just like the race in which you have to complete this in a given period of time and there is no space for mistakes.

In this kind of education system, the children who can afford other facilities such as tutors, you tube videos, and whose parents are educated doesn’t find any problem but what about the child who is the first generation learner, who can’t afford other ways of learning, who can’t get exposure to our so called standard language i.e., English or Hindi, since childhood. These differences present in the school lead to droupout of these children from school.

So if our present education system continue to be like this, we never able to ‘educate’ our children. We will only able to make machines who can receive stimulus and give response. These are also only some children, because other children do not even included in our education system.

If we really want to educate our students and make our education system better in future we should try to improve our education i.e.,both our education institutions and our way to teaching. It is necessary that education should be provided in the sake of building a knowledgeable and better future leaders, not in the sake of making money. The real focus should be on what the students are learning not on the results. It is necessary to critically and honestly think about our education system and the problems present. Essential steps should be taken to improve our technique and infrastructure so that we are able to make our education system better in future, otherwise without a good education we are not able to develop in any sector.

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